Starting Vegetable Garden in 2011? Vegetable Planting Timeline



Groundhog day has passed, prediction is for early spring. Weather in pacific northwest is staying amazing (please no jinx). East and Midwest is getting pounded by freezing temps and unbelievable record snow. All while, we in NW have record high temps in January (for second year in row), February has brought sun. Well, last year January was unseasonably dry and warm and June/July saw mild temp and constant rain. I can take wintry January but please please let this years June/July be nice.

All this sun and warm temperatures are making me plan for this years garden. Here are some thoughts about prepwork and seeds to sow. Late Winter/Early Spring is all about cool season vegetables – these are frost-hardy, thrive in cool weather, and do well in early spring

February month is all about cleaning the garden, removing last years dead plants, removing weeds and put some soil, compost in raised beds.

I usually start sowing seeds beginning of March. I know, according to “the experts” I should start 8-10 weeks before last frost i.e. by Feb 1st week. But I like to wait.  Since I do not have fancy set up of racks, greenhouse and artificial light, waiting till March gives much better results for me.

Here is Planting calendar for growing vegetables in Northwest.

Type Indoor Sow Date Transplant Direct Sow Date
Green Onion 1-Mar 1-Apr
Lettuce 1-Mar 1-Apr
Spinach 1-Mar
Broccoli 15-Mar 15-Apr
Cabbage 15-Mar 30-Apr
Cauliflower 15-Mar 30-Apr
Swiss Chard 15-Mar 15-Apr
Peas 20-Mar
Tomatoes 1-Apr 15-May
Radishes 1-Apr
Fenugreek (Methi) 1-Apr
Beets 5-Apr
Peppers – Sweet/Hot 15-Apr 1-Jun
Basil 15-Apr 1-Jun
Carrots 20-Apr
Green Sorrel (Chuka) 1-May
Green Beans 20-May
Cucumbers 1-Jun
Cilantro 1-Jun
Dill (Shepu) 1-Jun
Zucchini 10-Jun
Brussel Sprouts 1-Jun 1-Jul

In my next post, I’ll take up detailed planting for each of the vegetables.


Seeds Inventory for 2010 garden

My first ever seed order has arrived, with few trades and saved seeds, leftovers from last years – I am ready for 2010 season.DSC_0001 (2)

Here’s Inventory list:

Pinetree Seed order
Clemson Okra, Ichibaan eggplant, Henna, New Ace pepper, Only the lonely nicotiana (flower), Silver cup Cauliflower, Pinetree cabbage mix, Red Amaranth, Stevia, Lemongrass, Bunching onions

Seeds Trade
From Daphne’s dandelions – slimJim eggplant and sungold tomatoes (Thank you Daphne)DSC_0003 (2)
From – cold set, shayenne, kimberly and 4 other tomato varieties, dukat dill and wildflower mix packet ( Thank you Trudy)DSC_0007 (2) 

Leftover seeds from 2009
bunching onions, carrots, beets, bush beans, Brussels sprouts, cucumbers, zucchini, Basil

Saved seeds
Marigold (I have zillion seeds of these, 3 varieties), Cosmos, Zinnia, Bitter gourd

To start year’s sowing, I scattered few onion seeds in one of the empty container last week. I am taking wintersown approach on this one.Happy gardening!