March 2013 Week 3: Update

Spring is transitional time here in my garden, from harvesting/cleaning out over-wintered crops to sowing/transplanting new things. Beets, Chard, cabbage, broccoli are having to make way for greens, radishes, fenugreek, carrots and more beets. The whole circle begins again…


Weather is finicky, it was frosty and snowy couple days back and now back to upper 50s and sunshine for few days. This photo is how Seattle looks like – from top of Columbia tower 79 floors this past Sunday.


I didn’t get much time to sow as planned, just gathered few pots and cell flats to sow bunching onion and lettuce. It is kept indoors till it sprouts and needs thinning.

Not much to report from the garden, cabbage is going to seed soon so it needs to come out. Broccoli is too exhausted and probably done side-shooting.


I harvested cupful of broccoli shoots, I am thankful for the harvest so far. Broccoli will be out this week.


photo (1)

Also cleaned up overwintered beets. I ended up with 1 bunch of beets and greens – added onion-tomatoes/garlic/garam masala to make fragrant colorful beets curry.

IMG_0400 IMG_0403

I foresee lot of clean-up, sowing, transplanting happening next week. Traditionally Potatoes are planted on St Patrick’s Day. Keeping up with the tradition, I plan on planting Red potatoes that have sprouted next week (still 2 weeks late).

Here’s what sown this week:
Bunching Onion – Evergreen White bunching (Ed Hume Seeds)
Lettuce – Butter crunch (Livingston seeds)
What’s growing:
Broccoli (over wintered) , Chard (transplanted) , Sorrel (perennial) , cabbage (over wintered)
chives (perennial) ,Peas ,Garlic greens, bunching onion, lettuce
What’s harvested last week?
Broccoli side shoots – about a cupful
Beets and greens – 1 bunch – made into nice curry.


March 2013: week 2 sowing begins

Spring is in the air, weather is warming up and daffodils are in bloom everywhere. It is a pretty sight.
St Patrick’s Day is usually when I direct sow my peas when weather is bit warmed up by then. I didn’t venture out much in backyard during winter, it’s just too wet and muddy.


Last week, when sun was out I checked on all beds. Since we didn’t get much of winter, many of the cold hardy vegetables have over wintered well. Here’s picture of bed 1 – Most of green sorrel has survived and starting out new growth. Parsley is growing well and beets have overwintered. I might clear out beets to make room for new spring planting.

IMG_0350 IMG_0367

I started out with soaking peas for few hours before planting them out. This year, I picked few packets of Alaska peas from local Ace store and I am using last years saved Pea seeds.


Lots of rainbow chard has over wintered and self-sowed in bed 1. I notice this winter self-sowing of chard happening every year results in overcrowded chard seedlings. I separated them neatly and transplanted in bed 2 with good spacing. I think I got about 20 chard small plants.

IMG_0342 IMG_0344

Grocery store bought garlic was sending out shoots, I potted them up. I can’t wait to make garlic greens chutney.

What’s sown this week:

Peas – Alaska (American seeds)
Chard – Rainbow Chard ( transplanted, Ed Hume Seeds)

What’s growing:

Broccoli (over wintered) , Chard (transplanted) , Sorrel (perennial) , cabbage (over wintered)
chives (perennial) ,Peas ,Garlic greens

What’s harvested :

IMG_0347 IMG_0322


2 bunches of Chives – used them up as garnish on curries and on some celery-jalapeno Ritz crackers.

Harvest Monday: 9/13/2012 Summer seems endless

Here’s 3 week recap of the gardening and weather events:

1 – It has been BEST summer ever. Temperatures are staying within 65-75 range, not too hot, not too cold. Sun god has been shining brightly over Puget Sound. We have had second best stretch of rain free days of Seattle – 49 days with no rain. It’s been great. Someone wouldn’t call length of rain-free days as great but for us living with cloud cover, vit D deprived, tan less people of NWesterners – It’s great. Our kids are slowly learning that color of the sky is actually blue, not grey.

2 – Summer garden is producing well. Here’s what I harvested over last 3 weeks –

5 generous full bunches of Green Sorrel – no pictures. Used one to make curry, gave away rest.

 Clockwise:  Radish pods, wax beans, bunch of fenugreek and first tomato.

 Mix of Green beans (contender, Harvester) and wax beans

More wax beans, lettuce and single small tomato

Clockwise:  Green and Wax beans from bush plants, Tomatoes early girl and dried pea pod for next year’s planting.

Happy Gardening!!

Harvest Summery for the week:
Green Sorrel – 5 bunches
Wax Beans, Green beans – (57)
Fenugreek – 1 bunch
Radish pods – enough to make 1 curry serving
Tomato – 3
snack tomatoes – 4
Lettuce – 1 bunch

Harvest Monday: 7/30/2012

July is bringing in lot of sunshine and warmth.  I picked last of the Strawberries of 2012. There are many more left, some of them have slug damage and some are perfectly good, I am leaving them for critters, bugs.  Blueberries are starting to come in, they should ripen over next 2 weeks.

On Tuesday, I picked few Strawberries, peas, pinched Basil and a single perfectly round Radish.

I picked few outer Basil leaves next day, these were promptly used in Tomato-Basil-Pepper jack grilled sandwich. I didn’t have Mozzarella at home, pepper jack worked just fine.

Thursday brought in last of the Strawberries and bowlful of Blueberries.

I made cabbage Salad for Friday potluck. Chives were picked, chopped and mixed with Cabbage/Ramen-Maggie/Vinegar/Sambal to make tangy Cabbage Salad.

Harvest Summary for week:
Strawberries: (91)
Blueberries: (94)
Peas: (28) Alaska Bush type, Ed Hume seeds. Planted April 7, harvested June 23
Basil: 2 pinches
Radish: (1) Cherry Belle, Ed Hume Seeds
Chives: 2 bunches

June Garden Tour on First day of Summer

June 21st marks first day of summer. Seattle area saw temperatures in 70s after many days (or weeks) of June gloom. There were so many good sunny days in April/May I almost did not expect June to be so overcast. But it was for first 3 weeks.

On first day of summer, here is small tour of the garden.

Various Containers:

A good friend has shared Mint cuttings with me last week, I have established it in a small container. Hopefully it will live.

Shoebox container with onion seeds just emerging.

 Bed 1:

Alaska type peas are forming; these will give a good harvest beginning next week.

Dill has emerged:)

Green Sorrel is just forming. I am hoping that these establish in this location. Looking forward to summer long of Chukka bhaji.

And finally, all above in one single shot. Clockwise – Wax bean seedlings, Green sorrel, Dill and peas on left of the photo.

Bed 2:

Here are Bright lights Chard and Purple Kohlrabi seedlings.  In the right corner of picture, young Methi seedlings have emerged.

One single shot of bed 2 – from clockwise: new seed planting of beans, fenugreek methi, overwintered beets that are bolting, I am hoping to collect seeds. And lastly 2 puny tomato seedlings which I am hoping to speed with homemade milk jar reenhouses.

Bed 5:

I have transplanted 4-5 small seedlings of winter squash (Buttercup) in the neglected space of my garden. This soil is not amended and I fear these plants are not going to be as vigorous as otherwise. I’ll wait and see.

French Breakfast radishes are bulbing up.

Apart from this, I have 3 volunteer potato plants growing up. These came up from missed tubers from last years. I am not complaining.
A local drugstore sells seedlings, I am watching closely till they slash prices of the seedling trays to 50 cents. I never tried buying such sale seedlings, shall try this year. let’ see what grows form it.

Harvest Monday: 3/11/2012 First of the year

March is looking wet and cold. On a positive note, flower bulbs are poking out of the ground, fruits tree buds are pumping up.  And among other things, broccoli is sprouting. Overwintered Beets are looking better.
I decided to get small first harvest of the year 2012. Here are couple beets and broccoli sprouts.

Harvest Summary:
Beets – 2
Broccoli sprouts – half a cup

Harvest Monday 7/11/2011

Last week’s harvest is mostly fruits and berries. Last few days of heat – 2 days above 80 and 4 days above 70 (Yeah, that’s what we call summer in Seattle) helped berries and fruits ripe. For 2 years I have lost cherries to crows, strawberries to slugs and raspberries to chickadee. This year I have been planning around saving a few for myself : ) I sprinkled generous amount of Sluggo every week for last 3-4 weeks near strawberry beds and slugs hiding spots. I noticeably saw slug population go down, I even found many dead slugs under rock slab, containers.
Harvested 132 Raspberries, 73 Strawberries and 265 cherries. That’s 3 lbs of cherries and strawberries each. Along with that there were 18-20 shell peas which kids munched on before photo opportunity.
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Week so far… Picking, harvesting a lot

Summer is gone fast, there’s chill in the air – we are falling into fall/winter slowly. That translates into more harvests and picking many last of the garden goodies.

So far this week, We have been harvesting  a lot – squash, cherry tomatoes (sweet 100 variety), Jalapeno, green beans, shelling peas, cucumbers, fenugreek and dill. Here are some photos….

DSC_0047 (2) 

(above) – Methi (Fenugreek)


(above) – Methi and Shepu (Fenugreek and Dill), both used as greens


(Above) in colander: Chard ‘bright lights’. in plate 1:  sweet 100 tomatoes, green and wax beans. in plate 2: Agatha tomatoes, 1 black krim, peas, cucumbers and yellow squash.
(Photo captured with phone)