“There are very few things to harvest this year, it seems so strange” I told my husband. He responded with YES. “I haven’t seen you much in backyard all spring long” He said.

So it dawned on me, To get Summer harvest, I have to kick start in Spring get soil prepping, sowing in Spring. Hmm. What was I doing all spring long? Well, life happened and things were just too busy. Not anymore.

All hope is not lost. Now I get it. To get Fall harvest, I have to start planting fall garden NOW.


Fall Gardening planning

It’s end June and the summer garden season is not even really started for me, and yet I am thinking ahead to the coming fall and winter season. I want to do fall and winter gardening and I have to come to terms with the fact that we always have to be thinking about 2 to 3 months ahead of our current situation, sowing seeds and prepping now to meet future harvest expectations. Even though I tried fall vegetables last year, this is truly first full year of growing for me and I am learning as I proceed.   

Typical fall and winter crops for me will include Fenugreek, Turnip, carrots, Broccoli,  Brussels sprouts, cabbages, Swiss chard, lettuces and spinach.  Here’s base plan for me.

  Sowing date Days to mature Desired Maturity Date
Brussels Sprouts 15-Jun 150 30-Oct
Early cabbage 25-Jun 80 30-Sep
bunching onion 1-Jul 70 30-Sep
Dill 1-Jul 90 30-Sep
Kale 1-Jul 70 30-Sep
Peas 1-Jul 60 1-Sep
Turnip 1-Jul 90 30-Sep
Beets 10-Jul 80 30-Sep
Broccoli 10-Jul 110 30-Oct
Kohlrabi 10-Jul 80 30-Sep
Swiss Chard 10-Jul 80 30-Sep
Lettuce 15-Jul 45 30-Sep
Peas 15-Jul 60 15-Sep
Beets 20-Jul 90 30-Oct
Turnip 20-Jul 100 30-Oct
Spinach 1-Aug 55 30-Sep
bokchoy 10-Aug 60 10-Oct
Broccoli Raab 10-Aug 50 30-Sep
Lettuce 15-Aug 45 30-Oct
Mesclun Mix 15-Aug 45 30-Sep
Radish 15-Aug 40 30-Sep
Fenugreek 25-Aug 35 30-Sep
Mesclun Mix 1-Sep 50 20-Oct
Radish 1-Sep 40 15-Oct
Mesclun Mix 5-Sep 50 30-Oct
Fenugreek 10-Sep 35 15-Oct
Lettuce 10-Sep 50 30-Nov
Fenugreek 1-Oct 35 5-Nov
Fenugreek 10-Oct 30 15-Nov
Garlic (overwinter) overwinter   10-Oct
onion (overwinter) overwinter   1-Sep
Spinach (overwinter) overwinter   1-Sep
Broad Beans overwinter   10-Sep

Happy Gardening!

Seeds Inventory for 2010 garden

My first ever seed order has arrived, with few trades and saved seeds, leftovers from last years – I am ready for 2010 season.DSC_0001 (2)

Here’s Inventory list:

Pinetree Seed order
Clemson Okra, Ichibaan eggplant, Henna, New Ace pepper, Only the lonely nicotiana (flower), Silver cup Cauliflower, Pinetree cabbage mix, Red Amaranth, Stevia, Lemongrass, Bunching onions

Seeds Trade
From Daphne’s dandelions – slimJim eggplant and sungold tomatoes (Thank you Daphne)DSC_0003 (2)
From wintersown.org – cold set, shayenne, kimberly and 4 other tomato varieties, dukat dill and wildflower mix packet ( Thank you Trudy)DSC_0007 (2) 

Leftover seeds from 2009
bunching onions, carrots, beets, bush beans, Brussels sprouts, cucumbers, zucchini, Basil

Saved seeds
Marigold (I have zillion seeds of these, 3 varieties), Cosmos, Zinnia, Bitter gourd

To start year’s sowing, I scattered few onion seeds in one of the empty container last week. I am taking wintersown approach on this one.Happy gardening!