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I seeded 2 kinds of peppers this year, back in March when things were cold and dreary – 1 packet of banana peppers ( 30 cent seeds from American Seeds) and 1 packet of bell peppers (30 cent seeds again). Banana peppers were a disaster and I pulled them mid July, they never grew beyond 4 leaves, were stunted. On other hand bell peppers were semi-success. I learned so much about growing peppers, what to do and not…..

I pulled all bell pepper plants ( 6 total) yesterday, got about 7-8 large green peppers and about 10 tiny ones.

Lessons learned, here’s what I’ll try to do next year:
1 – Pepper seeds are slow to germinate, they need 80F to germinate. Since I don’t intend to invest in fancy heating mats, here’s what I’ll do (which worked this year tooo.). Soaking seeds 6 hours in lukewarm water, heating soil block before sowing pepper seeds and placing it in oven with lights on. This guarantees germination in 6/10 days.
2 – Placing seedlings under light and keeping on heated surface
3 – Heat soil in pots and cover with black plastic before transferring seedling to final pots
4 – Choose sunniest location