Harvest Monday 7/11/2011

Last week’s harvest is mostly fruits and berries. Last few days of heat – 2 days above 80 and 4 days above 70 (Yeah, that’s what we call summer in Seattle) helped berries and fruits ripe. For 2 years I have lost cherries to crows, strawberries to slugs and raspberries to chickadee. This year I have been planning around saving a few for myself : ) I sprinkled generous amount of Sluggo every week for last 3-4 weeks near strawberry beds and slugs hiding spots. I noticeably saw slug population go down, I even found many dead slugs under rock slab, containers.
Harvested 132 Raspberries, 73 Strawberries and 265 cherries. That’s 3 lbs of cherries and strawberries each. Along with that there were 18-20 shell peas which kids munched on before photo opportunity.
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Fruits of the Future

Trees and vines are showing hope, I can’t wait to test the sweet juicy plump fruits and berries.
June showers are promising bumper plump strawberries. Only if I can get to ripe ones faster than slugs. Eeeek. Like last year, I have a perfect plan to save strawberries. Let’s see how this battle plays out…


Blueberries – I got 2 plants, these berries need 2 plants to help with pollination. One plant has few berries, other is not filled yet.


Northwest Bing cherries – Black crows are as impatient as me. I am getting ready with arsenal to fight it out. Here comes CDs, flash tapes, my grandma’s old saree.


Raspberries: I can’t believe how much raspberries have spread. Can you believe these were just 3 small canes couple years back? Raspberries are against back fence on rock wall.



Garden Tour

We had record rainfall in last 2 days – 3 inches. Weatherman tells me that Saturday will bring sunshine, me and my plants really need some sun at this point. I ventured out in rain soaked garden and clicked some photos. everything is so soggy and drenched, I seriously think that water table level is reached at soil surface.  Here is latest in garden photos:

Happy Peas climbing up, first pea flowers appeared 2 days back. I did sow some more Tacoma Bush type peas 1 weeks back, yet to see germination. I think these are rotting in soggy soil. (See water puddles to right)


Row of beans, we have 2 types – Blue lake Bush and Yard long (or asparagus beans or Chinese long beans). Blue lake bush are short bushy ones, yard long are pole beans. I am yet to set up support trellis for pole beans.
DSC_0107  DSC_0105

Cherries: This year I am seeing some rust on leaves and fruits. Yet to find out why.DSC_0104

Row of radishes almost ready to harvest, these are cherry belle radishes. Very unusual as these are not top heavy, this type produces big root balls without much foliage.  DSC_0102  

Flowering Strawberry, I am dreaming sweet juicy berries with no slug holes 🙂


Tomato starts: Few are tommy toes that I started with seed. These grew fast and then I mistake of putting them out without any cold protection. These remain stunted. Also I have been pinching ‘suckers’ from some of my store-bought tomato plants. I rooted these suckers hoping they’ll produce tomato plants.


Black Beauty Zucchhini, butternut squah transplants in container. I’ll let them get little bigger before deciding their final spot. Seedlings have gotten mixed up, I don;t know which one’s which.


Spinach and bunching onions

DSC_0093 DSC_0092

Left: Row of beets, these are Detroit dark reds, usually take 80+ days to mature
Right: Unknown late cabbage variety and leaf lettuce

 DSC_0091 DSC_0090 

Broccoli Raab/Rapini/Italian brocolli is almost ready for harvest.

And finally sick looking tomato transplants, I cover them up during nights. Too much rain, excess water is bad for tomatoes. They were in bad spot with bad drainage before, almost 3 weeks of this never ending northwest rain tomatoes were looking so sick, almost dying. Yesterday I moved them to this bed. This is not the sunniest spot but at least these will live, I hope!


Is it Spring yet?

The birds are singing sweet spring song, air is warmed up to nice 65. Crocus, Lily and daffodil bulbs are poking out of the ground, they are confused and so we are. Is winter over already?

We have been having wonderful weather this time of the year and I am not complaining. It was almost guilty to enjoy sunny warm day yesterday as news of snowy cold east were pouring in…

I am not complaining.

Below is photo of lily bulbs poking out…DSC_0011 (2)

Hellebore plant is setting out buds, ready to bloom beautiful green flowers in just few days…DSC_0008 (2)

Cherry tree with buds on nice sunny day yesterday…DSC_0015 (2)

Hope this nice weather lasts…