Update – Surprise squash vine

I wrote about mystery vine that looked line from squash family. Here’s update –

Looks like this is pumpkin, not sure still. I ripped off the vine as it was growing bigger and getting unmanageable. From the looks I think this is volunteer pumpkin. how cool… To give some background: Back in June, I spotted this squash like seedling volunteer. Instead of weeding it, I let it grow. I never knew this small innocent seedling will grow into giant in couple months.

Will I be growing pumpkins again? intentional or not – answer is NO. Pumpkin vines are gigantic, even without any compost or special soil, they’ll grow monsters and take up way tooo much space. I have a small yard and I’ll use it to grow something more cool – maybe potatoes?

DSC_0296 (2)


Pumpkin Patch

Me and girls hit pumpkin patch at the base of Sahalee way yesterday, it was good fun.


What’s that got to do with gardening? oh yes, I witnessed first hand how pumpkins are grown in rich, moist soil. learned that sunflowers + corn + pumpkins are grown in vicinity because sunflowers ward off bugs on corn, yellow pumpkin flowers attract abundant bees helping pollination, birds gathering to collect sunflower seeds eat harmful bugs…organic growing concepts at their best.

DSC_0319 (2)