Fenugreeklove is a diary of my backyard veggie growing experiments. I live in Sammamish, WA where we have very short growing season. I moved into house with yard just this year (2009) and it’s my first year gardening. Mainly I am venturing into growing Indian vegetables, which are hard to come by here in Northwest.

Fenugreek greens are easy and fast growers, ready to be cooked in just 25 days. These are most successful harvests yet and so name of my blog.

Thank you for visiting. 🙂


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  1. Hi there!

    I am an avaid gardner who lives in Issaquah and am having a baby around April 16th this year. My in laws will be here from India around the time I start my garden! 🙂 I wanted to plant some Indian veggies this year if I could, I’m happy to see that the Methi seeds from the store work to grow Methi and I will do this for sure.

    Have you tried to grow Lauki? I was hoping it would be easy enough to grow since zuccini grows like mad in my garden. I’m having trouble finding info on growing it around here. Have you tried or do you know much about it?

    I was thinking it would be a lot of fun to grow some Indian veggies with my Mother in law while she is here.

    Good luck this year in your garden!

    1. Hi Sophia, Congratulations!! Welcoming baby into the family is special time and I am sure you are all busy getting ready of that. Meanwhile I appreciate that you are thinking of your MIL and how gardening would delight her. I hear that spring season will be mild this year (El Nino), you can get light gardening started before baby arrives 🙂
      I have been growing methi from seeds bought in Mayuri, and it works wonderfully. I have not grown Lauki yet, maybe I’ll give it a try this year. I am planning to get seeds from seedsofindia.com or evergreen for lauki. Do you know any local supplier/company/person who would have lauki seeds? I hate to spend on shipping just for 1 packet.

      Good luck with new endeavors!!

  2. Nice to know that you are in WA. I had been to Bellevue, WA twice in 2008. It was a nice place to be. I didn’t garden there though, since I was in a hotel near Factoria.

    I really envy the variety of seeds that are available in US of A. If Indian customs dept goes easy on seeds, I would ship many beautiful varieties.

    Happy gardening!.

  3. Hey Sonali, found your blog while google searching for tips on growing methi. i tried growing methi twice in a container, but sparrows ate them. Currently trying to grow spinach. Fingers crossed. have very limited space, so not growing much. Liked your blog and will keep visiting 🙂

    1. Hi Techie2Mom – Thank you for stopping by and nice comments. So sorry to hear that sparrows have been problem for you. May I suggest using net covering? For me It’s slugs that eat away my veggies. This year they have been munching cabbage and cauliflower, I feel your pain. Hope you get success growing Methi this time 🙂

      1. Yes, i have started covering my plants now. But they are still young, yet to get my 1st harvest. So keeping my fingers crossed 🙂
        The bad bad slugs…As i don’t have a place to garden in, i am doing it in containers and as a result don’t have that problem. So what are you doing for the slugs?!

  4. Hi, I am in Algeria nowadays. Have lived in many countries including those in Africa, Gulf and Australia and UK. Have always loved growing vegetables everywhere in the past 30 years and have been reasonably successful too.
    Algiers, the city where I am living now is a Mediterranean coastal city where summer temperature can vary from 18C – 35 C (May to August) and winter ones from 2C -10C. Here too I have been growing veggies since my arrival last year but mostly in pots.

    I was wondering what I can grow in the Sept to March cooler months apart from spinach, mustard/sarson, pak choi, palak, leeks cabbage etc. Any suggestions, especially on Indian veggies for this season ?

    Here Methi grows all the year round. In fact methi palak and sarson I have grown all year round almost everywhere except in extreme winters. But they still grow indoors perfectly well.

    Although you are an expert I still would like to give a small tip for the benefit of your viewers. The Lauki family sometimes faces problems with the pollination. Specially Lauki because its flowers bloom in the evenings only. So hand pollination is useful. Just take a male flower, carefully remove most part of its white leaves and touch it on the inside of the female flower carefully. Like this you will get 100% results.

    Happy gardening.

    Happy gardening.

  5. Can you please tell me where I might purchase the Tacoma bush peas. I grew them 2 summers ago but haven’t seen them since. Have you?

  6. Hi Sonali,
    Can you tell me the type of sorrell you and what it’s called in Indian languages.
    – lakshmi

  7. Hi Sonali,

    I am interested in growing green sorrel .
    Can you please advise , from where can I get the plant or seeds for that,

    Thanks in advance !

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