January 2015, week 4 – First Harvest

Happy New Year to all my readers!


Chives growing by the fence

Weather has been fun so far and I have been away most of the year. I am back to Northwest. For the first time this year, I ventured into the mossy soggy garden. To my surprise, I found overwintered green onions and my trusty chives. I am so happy to harvest a bunch of spring onions and generous snips of chives. All were promptly used as garnish on Uttapa I was making for breakfast.


Here is the close-up of trusty chives. Being Perennial, these come up in winter every year.


Generous Snips of chives are my first harvest of the year! Chives got a good haircut.

January Harvest:
Spring Onion: 4-5 springs
Chives: a generous bunch for garnish