Beans Galore…

It’s August and I have been picking beans, a LOT of beans… All of this was harvested in the span of 8-10 days.

Plate full harvest of shelling peas, some spinach, green beans and few blueberries


More shelling peas, green beans, 2 jalapeno peppers, blueberries and Yellow pear tomatoes


I continue to harvest beans… more beans, peas, a single radish and an early girl tomato


More beans, tomatoes and rosemary spring…


and here’s the bean patch



One thought on “Beans Galore…

  1. Hi Sona, I found your blog while randomly searching for Indian gardeners in the US and have been happily browsing through all your past posts. Its so nice to see your harvest pictures and read about your successes and failures! I hope to see more posts here this year too. One question, where did you get the sorrel seeds from ? I also have a small vegetable bed and am hoping to grow more Indian greens. Thanks in advance!

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