Sammamish is not Idaho!

Sammamish is NOT in Idaho, I hope I can still grow potatoes!

Being an Indian is enough to express my love for potatoes. We Indians use potatoes in any dish we can cook. Needless to say, when I first came to this country, I was so happy to see many varieties and colors of tubers. What I LOVE about growing potatoes is – baby tubers aka Dum Aloo.

Big bag of red potatoes from Costco is sitting in the pantry for a week now. Hot and humid pantry did the trick, I saw few potatoes sending out shoots (or chitting).  Nice, it’s time for some potato planting. I am experimenting a bit this year by growing few plants in containers vs. in ground. Hopefully I can update in few months, which method turns out better. okay, so here’s how-to grow potatoes:


Here are potatoes that are chitting (sending out shoots), I sliced the potato with eyes. remaining potato can be used for cooking.


Here are few containers I am using to plant these tubers. This year, I am planting a few in pots and few directly in the ground. Lets see which method yields more. Next, I’ll fill in containers half full with soil and some compost.


Close up few of the container with potato planted, eye side up and just buried under the soil.


Here are containers with potatoes planted, notice that containers are halfway – or even less – full. Potato plants as they emerge, need to be buried with soil. This hill building will happen throughout next 2 months, buried stems of the plant will bear the tubers. More hilling yields more potato crop. I’ll post few pictures in coming months as potatoes start emerging.

As you can see, I have a very late start to gardening this year, hopefully I’ll pick up some speed in coming months.

Happy Gardening!