January 2014, week 5

January is winding down. It’s till winter outside although it doesn’t feel like it. It feels like June… buds are appearing, birds are singing, bulbs are poking out. While rest of US is bitter in cold NW is basking in the sun. There has even been a record streak of no-rain. oh well… my garden sits in a mess. Sooner I have to seek some help to clean up mess from the fall.


Back in November, I moved some of the pepper plants indoors. I half expected them to survive, let alone give any harvest. But low and behold, here it is – our first harvest of 2014! It’s 3 tiny sweet peppers.


February is the month to look forward to spring and start some pre-season activities. Here are gardening things to do in February for me:

1 – Hire some help and general clean up of garden
2 – clean up strawberry bed. Last year I left fall leaves as mulch and come spring, slugs had field day in it. No more strawberry mulching, this year it is getting cleaned.
3 – Buy potatoes and start chitting process. Ideally potatoes go in ground late March. This year I plan red, Yukon gold and some fingerlings.
4 – Start building raised beds (after cleanup)

Here’s this week’s total: 
Sweet peppers – 3 count

Off to a good start!!



Welcome 2014!

New year, new season begins. Looking forward to getting hands into warm rich soil, planting, seeding and harvesting!