August 2013 week 1

June July has gone and we’re into August now, we are left with month and half of warm weather. Around Pacific NW, first frost usually arrives late October, I have been tracking it last 4-5 years and most years it was Oct last week. Plants grow well into September but go into semi-dormant mode after.

So the growing season is in full swing early August. Other things in life (camping, hiking and summering) are taking over life, leaving less time to spend in garden. (It shouldn’t be this way really). Its slow time now, but soon I have to gear up planting for fall/winter.

There’s none planting going on. Here’s what’s harvested:

potato harvest 
Red Sails Lettuce and red potatoes

IMG_0251.JPG (2) 
Potatoes dug out and early carrots


IMG_0194.JPG (2) 
This is how potatoes look like upon harvest




Methi is almost ready to be harvested…

IMG_0258.JPG (2)