July 2013 Week 4: Harvest Update

Summer heat is here, we are seeing less berries and more varied harvests.

We picked some of the frilly lettuce, it was planted mid-spring. I had packet of American seeds – bought for 0.25 at local ACE hardware store, pretty good returns.


garden bowl lettuce
frilly Lettuce and berries


Peas are all spent, they are yellowing. Although second flush of flowers is evident (more peas in 15 days!), I decided to rip pea vines out. Last year I kept pea vines longer but they got pretty bad mildew. I don’t want that this year. Peas are out. But before that we got good harvest, me and girls has FUN shelling peas and munching on them. I got few to use in Pohe and Cauliflower subzi.

pea vines
Yellowing pea vines are taken down

IMG_0186.JPG (2) 
Peas for snack

also on the harvest tally are chard and  broccoli florets

some more chard


IMG_0209and broccoli florets

Happy Gardening!