July 2013 Week 1: New Bed

Summer weather is embracing PNW, we are seeing 70s and occasional 80s (Yes, that’s height of summer!). My shade garden is in production mode.

I need more space to transplant tomatoes and maybe some squash plants. Just beyond one of the vegetable beds, there is some space that I may use. I am going to try to build a temporary bed over there. Here are some of the efforts –

Step 1 – define perimeter and set up wood planks


IMG_0113.JPG (2)


Step 2 – Define the temporary  space to build vegetable bed. Dig.. Dig .. Dig


vegetable bed


Step 3 – Gather and throw away rocks, roots etc and remove.


vegetable bed


Step 4 – Mix in compost, potting soil, manure etc


vegetable bed


Step 5 – Transplant, sow something… Below is picture of same space in 10 days.


vegetable bed

Tomato transplants, squash plants, fenugreek, cucumbers and garbanzo beans growing here.


This is still work in progress, I am planning to plant cucumbers, tomatoes, squash in here. Hopefully I can post updated photo with actual veggies growing in here…

Apart from garden additions, there was some harvest from garden.

Sorrel leaves were picked to mix in with daal.


More strawberries


and some chard


This week’s harvest:
Green Sorrel – 1 bunch
Strawberries – 4 cups
Raspberries – 2 cups
Chard – 1 bunch

Happy gardening!


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  1. awesome..m impressed…I remember eating chard veggie..strawberries looked bigger in size than what I saw in 11..keep posting pics…

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