June 2013 Week 5

June has been busy month overall – busy at work and not so much in garden. I let many of my days slip by. e.g. beans, squash plantings, tomato transplants, building mini greenhouse around peppers. I even missed harvests.

I am doing a catch up on the blog, just sharing what’s being harvested. many times I refer back years to check harvest dates and planting dates. By posting pictures and general mention of plantings, transplanting helps in future years.

IMG_0093.JPG (2)

Last couple weeks, there have been harvests of Chard and baby beets. Chard is readily mixed with wheat flour, some garlic and made into parathas. There have been favs in our house.

IMG_0094.JPG (2)

Elsewhere in garden, random lettuce is growing in shoebox containers. I won’t plant in shoebox containers going forward, I never able to get good growth of lettuce variety from these. besides, sedum sits in brown box, I am planning to transplant it in front garden and containers.

IMG_0117.JPG (2)

Speaking of some front containers, I got these decorative pots and trying to fill them up with plants.

IMG_0141.JPG (2)

More harvests are coming from garden, sometimes random. I am growing all 3 varieties of peas – shelling, snap and snow peas. Here is mix harvest of basketful peas, some broccoli shoots and first single onion. Onion is white short day type.

With hot summer days coming along, I am expecting tomatoes, sqush plants taking shape …

Happy Gardening!


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  1. nice designer basket for peas…chard looks fresh green.I miss chard and kel(I hope spelling is correct)..not found in INDIA or rather in Parle market..I agree on keeping a log of planting dates,names of plants and the amount of fruits/flowers/veggies plucked for future record

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