June 2013 week 2 : color!

Color is coming to the harvests! I was getting tired of greens lately.. It’s a lone strawberry this week but it’s a harbinger of more to come.

Besides the weekly consumption of Kale and Chard in parathas and  smoothies, there are some new additions ready to eat… It’s peas!!

The first peas!!  there’s just no time to take photos, there were plenty of snow peas ready to be picked.

IMG_0095.JPG (2)

I also picked bunch of spinach and few first strawberries.

IMG_0054.JPG (2)

Then there was plenty of chard ready to be picked, I turned these greens into thepalas.

IMG_0055.JPG (2)

Few of kale leaves for smoothie

Next harvest promises lots of Red, strawberries and raspberries will soon be picked.


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