June 2013 Week 5

June has been busy month overall – busy at work and not so much in garden. I let many of my days slip by. e.g. beans, squash plantings, tomato transplants, building mini greenhouse around peppers. I even missed harvests.

I am doing a catch up on the blog, just sharing what’s being harvested. many times I refer back years to check harvest dates and planting dates. By posting pictures and general mention of plantings, transplanting helps in future years.

IMG_0093.JPG (2)

Last couple weeks, there have been harvests of Chard and baby beets. Chard is readily mixed with wheat flour, some garlic and made into parathas. There have been favs in our house.

IMG_0094.JPG (2)

Elsewhere in garden, random lettuce is growing in shoebox containers. I won’t plant in shoebox containers going forward, I never able to get good growth of lettuce variety from these. besides, sedum sits in brown box, I am planning to transplant it in front garden and containers.

IMG_0117.JPG (2)

Speaking of some front containers, I got these decorative pots and trying to fill them up with plants.

IMG_0141.JPG (2)

More harvests are coming from garden, sometimes random. I am growing all 3 varieties of peas – shelling, snap and snow peas. Here is mix harvest of basketful peas, some broccoli shoots and first single onion. Onion is white short day type.

With hot summer days coming along, I am expecting tomatoes, sqush plants taking shape …

Happy Gardening!


Hiking Tiger Mountain via Cable Line

Tiger mountain in Issaquah area is a maze of trails, one of the most challenging ones is cable line hike to Tiger summit #2.

Tiger Mountain Summit West #2 via Cable Line

Cable Line:
Location: Issaquah Alps I-90’s Exit 20
Roundtrip: 4.75 miles (1.75 miles up and 3 miles down via gentler route)
Elevation Gain: 2042 ft
Highest Point: 2522 ft
Time: 3.25 hours
Difficulty: HARD


This hike is HARD,  word written in bold says it all.  This is not a official WTA hiking path but a path formed of buried cable line that provides power to cell towers on top of tiger mountain.

Take Exit 20 on I-90, turn right and then first left, park outside the gate.  Hike starts from any of the unmarked paths that lead up from here.  We started from path which opens up just before the gate, it starts straight up.  There’s a break in path to cross flat part where power lines cross, continue crossing under the power lines. There’ll be many hikers (mostly in great shape of their life,  which makes me wonder many times – what am I doing here?)


Huffing and puffing for an hour and 30 minutes, I reached the summit. Took in views of tiger surroundings and headed back via regular gentler TMT trail.

June 2013 Week 1: garden tour

June has brought warmth and few showers. There are more sunny days around, days are much longer.

Here is photo of Bed 1 (morning sun) – I am growing Walla Walla sweet onions, these tend to get big. Onions are now rooted and getting bigger.  Walla walls are long day type onions, Long-day onions, on the other hand, begin to form a bulb when the day length is between 14 and 16 hours.

IMG_0082.JPG (2)

From Left: Walla Walla Onions, Red Sails Lettuce, Spinach, Chard, Blue kale, Chard (bolting) and Sorrel (bolting)

Below is Bed 5 (Full day Sun)

I grew spring spinach in a bed with morning sun (bed 1) and this one. Spinach did not grow big here in full sun, it was pulled. From next year, I’ll grow spinach in shade. This bed has various kale, arugula, lettuce, peas, beets and carrots.  Earlier in Spring, Spinach and bok choy was here.


From Left: Lacinto Kale, Arugula. lettuce, beets, tri color carrots and peas. Some pepper plants growing in containers.


Potato and tomato plants in containers


This is Bed 2 (Morning Sun) –  Some peas, kale, chard and brocolli is here. I am growing 3 types of peas but I did not lable them.. now I don’t know which are which. Peas growing in another area are sweet, tender, melt in mouth taste – these are surely Sugar Anne from Ed Hume. I still have to see which ones are these…

IMG_0083.JPG (2)

From Left: Sorrel in back and big broccoli plant in front, peas, various kale, lettuce. chard and more peas.


Tada.. and here’s glimpse of what’s to come. Very first ripe strawberry 🙂

IMG_0091.JPG (2)

I didn’t venture out in garden (except some photos) except for picking few things here and there. With June warmth, spring greens were bolting and needed harvest. That’s all was gardening work this week.


Harvested spring planted Bok Choy and Spinach


More red choi

IMG_0024.JPG (2)

and some arugula

IMG_0053.JPG (2)

Summer salad lunch included Arugula next day… And I made saag with Bok choy and Spinach. Sarson ka Saag is made with mustard greens and spinach, I kept the recipe same and replaced mustard with bok choy. Since both are from same plant families, taste was much the same…

Happy Gardening!

June 2013 week 2 : color!

Color is coming to the harvests! I was getting tired of greens lately.. It’s a lone strawberry this week but it’s a harbinger of more to come.

Besides the weekly consumption of Kale and Chard in parathas and  smoothies, there are some new additions ready to eat… It’s peas!!

The first peas!!  there’s just no time to take photos, there were plenty of snow peas ready to be picked.

IMG_0095.JPG (2)

I also picked bunch of spinach and few first strawberries.

IMG_0054.JPG (2)

Then there was plenty of chard ready to be picked, I turned these greens into thepalas.

IMG_0055.JPG (2)

Few of kale leaves for smoothie

Next harvest promises lots of Red, strawberries and raspberries will soon be picked.

Hiking Tenerife falls

We hiked to Kamikaze falls (also called Tenerife falls) in North Bend last weekend. This place is closer to Mount SI but gets fewer visitors as signs are unmarked, parking is limited. Enjoy this photo tour of hike on misty foggy day.

Tenerife Falls

Tenerife Falls: http://www.wta.org/go-hiking/hikes/kamikaze-falls
Location: Snoqualmie Pass — North Bend Area, neat Seattle, Washington State.
Roundtrip: 6.0 miles
Elevation Gain: 1420 ft
Highest Point: 2370 ft
Time: 4 hours


Hike Started out from unmarked school bus turnaround on Mount SI road, it was a misty foggy day. 

IMG_0028.JPG (2)


After couple miles of wide gentle sloping path, WTA has set up sign to Tenerife falls. Last one mile is steep switchbacks to lower/upper falls.

 IMG_0027.JPG (2)

With Rocky trail and 20+ switchbacks, it’s 800 ft gain in just a mile.


Lower Tenerife falls

IMG_0034  IMG_0032.JPG (2)

Upper Tenerife falls




Bolting Pak Choy


 from Left: Walla Walla sweet onion, Red sails lettuce, spinach, red choi, blue curled kale, chard and parsley

I have 2 kinds of Pak Choy in garden, Red Choy and White Choy.  I was about to harvest both but got distracted by something. This is what happens within a day or two, sometime in May, days are longer and temps are warmer, Bok choi produces these wonderful shoots and flowers.

IMG_0024.JPG (2)

I still managed to save some and harvest. Around here we simply sauté with Garlic OR make it into saag (replace mustard greens with bok choy!).