May 2013 Week 5: more harvest

Garden is leaping ahead of me and I am having hard time keeping up with pace. Rains from last week and warm sunshine this week is perfect formula for growing things. I am just visiting garden infrequently to quickly pick few things here and there. Nothing new is being sown/transplanted yet.

Methi needed harvesting, I planted in a small pot. It wasn’t;t growing much and I used it to make Methi thepalas.

IMG_0008.JPG (2)



Later Tuesday, picked parsley to garnish Uttapa I was making. It’s so nice to just step out, pick garnish and enjoy!

IMG_0023.JPG (2)

Parsley for Garnish



And more sorrel picking continues, this time with some herbs – Mint and Rosemary


My blog looks so GREEN lately, can’t wait to add more RED to it. Waiting for strawberries and raspberries to ripe…


2 thoughts on “May 2013 Week 5: more harvest

  1. Do you find your sorrel inhibits growth of any nearby plants? I just realized today that I am probably seeing allelopathic effects of sorrel on my nearby kale and mustard–only at the ends of the rows closest to the sorrel. This might explain why I saw poorer tomato growth last year next to my sorrel row, though I don’t recall seeing effects on my lettuce last year.

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