May 2013 Week 3: Mid Spring update

Seattle has returned to its gray pattern over last week and it’ll stay for another 1-2 weeks. Gray pattern translates to mild weather – highs into 50s or 60s, abundant rain gray clouds, few sun breaks here and there. Not exactly ‘setting out tomato’ weather. Cool crops are loving it though.


Raspberries along the fence


I noticed raspberries are flowering and bees were busy around them. I never trim biennial canes in fall, I have to admit – I have not learned which ones are done producing for 2 years. I always do this chore in spring. I weeded this patch a little bit and removed dead canes.


Incidentally, peas are in need of support (I am too lazy to build a trellis, I had planned it for this year but it’s too late now). In spirit of re-using, old canes were immediately repurposed to support peas.


IMG_0663 IMG_0665

Pea supports – Raspberry canes

Around the garden, spring crops are taking shape. Lettuce mix, spinach, pak choi are beyond 4-5 leaf stage. I can expect few young leaves harvested next week. Some of the overwintered chard plants are setting out seed stalks, I’ll harvest leaves and pull them out.

Sorrel is loving this cool weather, warm sun and bursts of rain is helping. I can see much of the sorrel is sending out seed stalks. I have promptly removed the seed stalks so plant can re-focus on new leaf growth.


cupful of methi

This week, I got a bowlful of fenugreek that was growing in container. It got burned a little in scorching heat we has 2 weeks back. Fenugreek was used in methi thepalas made on Friday.

IMG_0004.JPG (2)

Also, got a bunch of chives, used in making chives pesto.

IMG_0007.JPG (2)

More sorrel was harvested, again shared with friends.

Next week brings more rain and less sun. I expect to spend little time in garden except for some harvest.

Here’s what sown this week:

What’s harvested last week? 
Methi – 1 bunch – made into Thepalas
Chives – 1 bunch – made into pesto
Sorrel – 1 bunch – shared with friends

Happy Gardening!


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