May 2013 Week 2: It’s hot

Last week was Hot and it’s May in PNW. It’s unbelievable.

I have spent about a decade here and my memory of May is cold, soggy, foggy, sluggy garden. It’s far from that right now. Temps are teasing 80s and did I mention it’s HOT? I am as confused as weather, should I be planting out tomatoes yet? should I seed beans and squash? There’s always fear of temps going back to 50s but will it?

I am spending way more time outdoors – walking, hiking and not so much in garden. There are plentiful harvests though.

I harvested this bunch of sorrel and used with pasta, turned out too lemony for my taste.



Plants are on fast pace with good dose of warmth and sunshine. On Thursday, harvested big bunches of Sorrel, shared with neighbors. Also harvested overwintered beets & greens, as well big bunch of chard. I made Chard + beets bhaji, made into 2 portions and froze one for later use



Top row: Sorrel in both buckets
Bottom row, from left: Chard bunch and overwintered beets

Here’s what sown this week:
Peppers: Banana, hot peppers, sweet peppers, saved seeds from Indian round peppers, Takis Sweet, early Jalapeno

What’s harvested last week?
Rainbow Chard – 1 bunch – made into Bhaji
Beets & Greens – 1 bunch – made into Bhaji
Sorrel – 2 bunches – shared with neighbors

Happy Gardening!