May Garden tour – Part 1

I took some pictures of garden beds yesterday and this is opportunity to showcase my garden. There’s still too many weeds, too many empty unkempt spots. First week of May has brought wonderful sunshine and I am using it to clean up. I’ll click pictures as garden cleaning progresses.

This is bed 1, close to house. It gets east sun, in shade after noon-ish. I usually plant cool loving greens/plants here.


From left: Wall Wall Sweet Onions, Red Sails lettuce, Pak Choi, some spinach, Chard, Parsely and Green Sorrel


Notice Sorrel is starting to bolt? I twisted off seed stalks yesterday, sorrel should go back to producing more greens. These greens don’t turn bitter (or more lemony) when seed stalks appear unlike other greens.


Bolting green sorrel


close look at Onions, Red sails lettuce and pak choi

More later… Happy Gardening!


4 thoughts on “May Garden tour – Part 1

  1. Love your Garden!! Can you please tell me where did you get green sorrel seeds?
    I have some green sorrel seeds from India but this variety looks different so wanted to try it.

    1. Thanks 🙂 🙂
      Chuka from India has smaller leaves, though taste is very much the same of both. Green Sorrel seeds are sold by pinetree seeds, baker creek hairloom etc.
      As Green sorrel is perennial, once seeded and established, plants grow and divide year after year.

      1. Yup chuka! I had to remove from my vegetable bed as it was taking over.
        I ordered few things from Baker Creek. Thank you for suggesting such a great place for heirloom seeds.

      2. Hey.. nice, agree Baker Creek has amazing seeds. Chuka is taking over my yard too. I am so ready to yank it out partially or give it away to friends…

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