April 2013, week 4: Spring greens

While much of the directly sown seeds are still germinating and setting out first true leaves, this year I ventured into buying a few seedling from retail stores. A local shop is selling 4 pack trays for 79cents and I thought it was a very good deal to pass by. I went out and bought about 10 of the packs – Arugula, Spinach, Sweet 100 tomatoes and kale seedlings. I shall set them out this week. While there, I also could not pass on buying Walla Walla Sweet onion sets J

Spinach, Pak choi, beets and lettuce that were sown mid-March are emerging. It seems a lot of time to germ inate and grow, I think that’s the way of seeds in cool weather.

I’ll post some pictures of the garden soon…


Harvest of Rainbow Chard and Green Sorrel

Greens are dominating spring harvest so far, a bunch of chard and sorrel was picked last week. Sorrel is producing much more than I can possibly eat, even after giving it away to friends, there’s so much still there. I am trying out new recipes every week. I tried making chard and chukka bhaji, didn’t turn out well, I overcooked the greens. Oh well…

Harvesting Chives and broccoli shoots

Along with greens, harvested big bunch of chives. It was made into chives pesto with walnuts, it’s in freezer waiting to be used over next months.

Here’s what seeded/transplanted this week:
Seeded: fenugreek
Transplanted: arugula, spinach, walla walla onion sets, pak choi

What’s growing:
Chard (transplanted) , Sorrel (perennial), chives (perennial) ,Peas ,Garlic greens, bunching onion, lettuce, carrots, pak choi, spinach, walla walla onion sets, lettuce

What’s harvested last week?
Sorrel – 1 bunch , Chard – 1 bunch, Chives – 2 bunches and handful of broccoli


4 thoughts on “April 2013, week 4: Spring greens

  1. inviting help

    how do I identify, collect, preserve and reuse the beet seeds from a beet plant already grown in a container?


    1. Collecting Beet seeds is biennial process, beets flower in second year of growing. After flowers fade, seed clumps appear on the stalk. When seeds are plump and brown, I uproot the plant and let it dry for few days before collecting seeds. Hope it helps! Good Luck.

      1. perfect indeed. I appreciate prompt response. Thank you. I have similarly collected carrot seeds.

        H S Parekh, Ahmedabad.

  2. I have grown Sorrel for years and use nearly all of it to make pesto, basically same as basil pesto, olive oil, sorrel, garlic, pine or other nuts, and parmesan cheese, and i put parsley in also, basically whatever you prefer. Hope you enjoy it, it is quite lemony and not to everyone’s taste.

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