Seedling and potato update

IMG_0458 Ever wondered what happens to seed potato when planted?  One of the buckets got waterlogged after incessant rains of last 4-5 days, potato bucket needs more drainage holes. I had to take potatoes out and found them temporary spot in one of the raised beds, till I move them out to front garden.
I always cut potatoes in half, usually one eye on each half before planting. This way I get 2 plants per seed potato. I have always wondered whether to plant cut side UP or DOWN. This recent digging gave me opportunity to examine sprout and root growth. Turns out that each eye sends out roots as well leaves, so it makes sense to plant it cut side down ( eye side up).

IMG_0450 IMG_0451

More on the seedling news – onions have sprouted and needs transplanting soon. Frilly Lettuce has germinated as well.

Tour in the garden isn’t exciting anymore. Its really rainy, muddy and overall soggy. Second direct planting of peas does not look promising, seeds seem rotten over constant rain of last 5-6 days. Carrot, kale and bok chok was direct seeded in last bed, it has been couple days but no sign of any germination yet.

More later

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