April 2013, week 1: Spring planting

Unbelievable weather ended March on high note, it reached 72… whoo hoo. Meteorologists say that it was only 17th time Seattle reached in 70s in March since records were kept. And it wasn’t just 1 day, sunny weather and warmness continued for good 3-4 days. It gave me so much energy to get spring planting started.
Finally I got jump on planting red potatoes. There were multiple eye shoots developing on the potatoes. I cut them in half so there are about 2 eyes on each cut piece and planted them into containers. I always planted them on the strip in front yard, but this year I am planting them in container. I have big plans of re-doing the front yard strip with some pretty perennials and rock garden. Let’s see when I actually get time to get it done. I also planted frilly lettuce, sugar Ann snap peas, rainbow blend carrots.

IMG_0025 IMG_0416

Spring warm weather brought my kids, their friends and moms out to the backyard. I had plenty of sorrel to share and moms were more than happy to ‘U pick’ sorrel. I am happy to share 3 bunches of green sorrel with friends.


While digging in freezer, I found Ziploc baggies of the last years peas, silly me, I am embarrassed that I let them sit through for few months. Well, 2 bagful peas go in stir fry with soy sauce, sambal olek and some salt and out comes yummy peas. Enjoy!

Here’s what sown this week:
Peas, sugar Anne, Ed Hume seeds
Carrots, rainbow blend, Ed Hume seeds
Lettuce, frilly, Livingston seeds

What’s growing:
Broccoli (over wintered) , Chard (transplanted) , Sorrel (perennial), chives (perennial) ,Peas ,Garlic greens, bunching onion, lettuce, carrots

What’s harvested last week?
3 bunches of Green Sorrel

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Happy Gardening!!


3 thoughts on “April 2013, week 1: Spring planting

  1. I’ve never grown sorrel before. But the peas I can’t wait for. I checked today and still no peas are peeking up from the soil. I wish they would germinate already.

  2. Do you use sorrel in curry? I’ve grown it once and used it for soup, did not know what else to do with it.

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