April 2013 Summary

What’s planted:

Pak Choi
Bunching onions
Thai Basil, Basil

What’s harvested:

Green Sorrel – 2 bunches
Chard – 2 bunches
Broccoli florets – 1 cup
Chives – 2 bunches


Hiking Little Si

Going tangent for this post a bit but couldn’t resist sharing pictures of little Si hike.

Little Si:

Little Si: http://www.wta.org/go-hiking/hikes/little-si
Location: Snoqualmie Pass — North Bend Area, neat Seattle, Washington State.
Roundtrip: 5.0 miles
Elevation Gain: 1200 ft
Highest Point: 1576 ft
Time: 3 hours

Little SI trailhead

Stream along the way, moss covered forest

Lovely forest on hike path

View of Big Mount SI from top

US Geological Survey sign on top


April 2013, week 4: Spring greens

While much of the directly sown seeds are still germinating and setting out first true leaves, this year I ventured into buying a few seedling from retail stores. A local shop is selling 4 pack trays for 79cents and I thought it was a very good deal to pass by. I went out and bought about 10 of the packs – Arugula, Spinach, Sweet 100 tomatoes and kale seedlings. I shall set them out this week. While there, I also could not pass on buying Walla Walla Sweet onion sets J

Spinach, Pak choi, beets and lettuce that were sown mid-March are emerging. It seems a lot of time to germ inate and grow, I think that’s the way of seeds in cool weather.

I’ll post some pictures of the garden soon…


Harvest of Rainbow Chard and Green Sorrel

Greens are dominating spring harvest so far, a bunch of chard and sorrel was picked last week. Sorrel is producing much more than I can possibly eat, even after giving it away to friends, there’s so much still there. I am trying out new recipes every week. I tried making chard and chukka bhaji, didn’t turn out well, I overcooked the greens. Oh well…

Harvesting Chives and broccoli shoots

Along with greens, harvested big bunch of chives. It was made into chives pesto with walnuts, it’s in freezer waiting to be used over next months.

Here’s what seeded/transplanted this week:
Seeded: fenugreek
Transplanted: arugula, spinach, walla walla onion sets, pak choi

What’s growing:
Chard (transplanted) , Sorrel (perennial), chives (perennial) ,Peas ,Garlic greens, bunching onion, lettuce, carrots, pak choi, spinach, walla walla onion sets, lettuce

What’s harvested last week?
Sorrel – 1 bunch , Chard – 1 bunch, Chives – 2 bunches and handful of broccoli

April 2013, week 2: soggy state of the garden

Incessant rains have not stopped for last 5-6 days, everything is wet and soggy. Flood of rain and pellet size hail are washing away tender seedlings and dampening my gardening spirits  as well.

April marks as seed starting/transplanting month, amount of harvests in June/July depend heavily on success of seed starting in April. Along the same lines, I started eggplant, lettuce in indoor trays, sown fenugreek, pak choi, beets, spinach and kale outside. For tiny seeds, I used paper towel seed mats to ensure spacing.


In between rains, I managed to peek into the garden to harvest broccoli florets and bunch of chard. Chard was used to cook with daal.

Here’s what sown this week:
Eggplant – Black Beauty (American seeds), started indoors
Methi – seeds from Indian store
beets – Detroit Dark Red (American seeds)
spinach – bloomsdale long standing (American seeds)
kale – blue curled scotch (Ed hume seeds)
pak choi – pak choi bonsai hybrid (Ferry Morse)

What’s growing:
Chard (transplanted) , Sorrel (perennial) , chives (perennial) ,Peas ,Garlic greens, bunching onion, lettuce, kale, beets, spinach, pak choi, fenugreek

What’s harvested last week?
Broccoli side shoots 
Rainbow Chard – 1 bunch – made into daal.

Seedling and potato update

IMG_0458 Ever wondered what happens to seed potato when planted?  One of the buckets got waterlogged after incessant rains of last 4-5 days, potato bucket needs more drainage holes. I had to take potatoes out and found them temporary spot in one of the raised beds, till I move them out to front garden.
I always cut potatoes in half, usually one eye on each half before planting. This way I get 2 plants per seed potato. I have always wondered whether to plant cut side UP or DOWN. This recent digging gave me opportunity to examine sprout and root growth. Turns out that each eye sends out roots as well leaves, so it makes sense to plant it cut side down ( eye side up).

IMG_0450 IMG_0451

More on the seedling news – onions have sprouted and needs transplanting soon. Frilly Lettuce has germinated as well.

Tour in the garden isn’t exciting anymore. Its really rainy, muddy and overall soggy. Second direct planting of peas does not look promising, seeds seem rotten over constant rain of last 5-6 days. Carrot, kale and bok chok was direct seeded in last bed, it has been couple days but no sign of any germination yet.

More later

Happy Gardening!


April 2013, week 1: Spring planting

Unbelievable weather ended March on high note, it reached 72… whoo hoo. Meteorologists say that it was only 17th time Seattle reached in 70s in March since records were kept. And it wasn’t just 1 day, sunny weather and warmness continued for good 3-4 days. It gave me so much energy to get spring planting started.
Finally I got jump on planting red potatoes. There were multiple eye shoots developing on the potatoes. I cut them in half so there are about 2 eyes on each cut piece and planted them into containers. I always planted them on the strip in front yard, but this year I am planting them in container. I have big plans of re-doing the front yard strip with some pretty perennials and rock garden. Let’s see when I actually get time to get it done. I also planted frilly lettuce, sugar Ann snap peas, rainbow blend carrots.

IMG_0025 IMG_0416

Spring warm weather brought my kids, their friends and moms out to the backyard. I had plenty of sorrel to share and moms were more than happy to ‘U pick’ sorrel. I am happy to share 3 bunches of green sorrel with friends.


While digging in freezer, I found Ziploc baggies of the last years peas, silly me, I am embarrassed that I let them sit through for few months. Well, 2 bagful peas go in stir fry with soy sauce, sambal olek and some salt and out comes yummy peas. Enjoy!

Here’s what sown this week:
Peas, sugar Anne, Ed Hume seeds
Carrots, rainbow blend, Ed Hume seeds
Lettuce, frilly, Livingston seeds

What’s growing:
Broccoli (over wintered) , Chard (transplanted) , Sorrel (perennial), chives (perennial) ,Peas ,Garlic greens, bunching onion, lettuce, carrots

What’s harvested last week?
3 bunches of Green Sorrel

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Happy Gardening!!