March 2013: week 2 sowing begins

Spring is in the air, weather is warming up and daffodils are in bloom everywhere. It is a pretty sight.
St Patrick’s Day is usually when I direct sow my peas when weather is bit warmed up by then. I didn’t venture out much in backyard during winter, it’s just too wet and muddy.


Last week, when sun was out I checked on all beds. Since we didn’t get much of winter, many of the cold hardy vegetables have over wintered well. Here’s picture of bed 1 – Most of green sorrel has survived and starting out new growth. Parsley is growing well and beets have overwintered. I might clear out beets to make room for new spring planting.

IMG_0350 IMG_0367

I started out with soaking peas for few hours before planting them out. This year, I picked few packets of Alaska peas from local Ace store and I am using last years saved Pea seeds.


Lots of rainbow chard has over wintered and self-sowed in bed 1. I notice this winter self-sowing of chard happening every year results in overcrowded chard seedlings. I separated them neatly and transplanted in bed 2 with good spacing. I think I got about 20 chard small plants.

IMG_0342 IMG_0344

Grocery store bought garlic was sending out shoots, I potted them up. I can’t wait to make garlic greens chutney.

What’s sown this week:

Peas – Alaska (American seeds)
Chard – Rainbow Chard ( transplanted, Ed Hume Seeds)

What’s growing:

Broccoli (over wintered) , Chard (transplanted) , Sorrel (perennial) , cabbage (over wintered)
chives (perennial) ,Peas ,Garlic greens

What’s harvested :

IMG_0347 IMG_0322


2 bunches of Chives – used them up as garnish on curries and on some celery-jalapeno Ritz crackers.