March 2013: week 1 Springing

March is here, March is here. Garden is springing into new life, blooms and buds are everywhere. Weather is still spring like, cold fronts rains and sunshine is still in air. Local news stations have forecasted it to be chilly spring. March is here, March is here.

March is all about starting a garden. For me it’s about visiting the storage to look for seed stacks, check on compost bags and a casual stroll in still wet muddy garden. I don’t start seeds indoors, I don’t have a seed rack and germination stations with heat mats. I am ‘direct sow’ type of gardener. Summer plants that require indoor start – I just purchase seedlings at local shops, at swaps etc.

Winter in Seattle has been very mild, all snow storms made their big appearance in rest of the country and we were spared. So my garden hasn’t been heavily damaged. Yes, there were frosty nights and snow sprinklings but nothing major (yet).

What’s sown this week:

What’s growing:
Broccoli (over wintered)
Beets (over wintered)
Chard (some overwintered, some self-sown from fallen seeds)
Sorrel (perennial)
cabbage (over wintered)
chives (perennial)

What’s harvested over last 2 months (January, February and early March):


Late January: Broccoli 1 cupful florets. Main head was picked in November (which wasn’t so big), now picking side shoots. I used cupful in stir-fry dish.


February: Broccoli 1 cup florets. Enjoyed it raw.


March week 1: Broccoli 1 cup. Made noodle soup. (picture above).
It’s mushrooms, tofu, carrots, homegrown broccoli, cilantro in flavorful ginger clove broth. yum.


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