January 2013 Summary

What’s planted:


What’s harvested:

Broccoli – 1 cup


First Harvest of the year

सर्वांना ह्या नवीन वर्षाच्या शुभेच्छा.

नविन वर्षात एक संकल्पना आहे की आपल्या मायबोली मधे लिहायचे, बघुया कसे जमते तर. 

१० दिवसाची छोटी मुंबई trip करून कालच Seattle ला मी परतले. मुंबई अगदी गुलाबी थंडी मध्ये गारठून गेली होती, तापमान अगदी ६-७ अंश पर्यंत घसरले होते. खूपच छान प्रसन्न होते सगळे…  परत आले आणि बोचऱ्या Seattle ला एकदम वैतागले, इकडे -६ आणि ४ मध्ये पारा  स्थिरावला होता, बागेतल्या सगळ्या छोट्या मोठ्या भाज्यांनी मान टाकली होती. खरे तर इतके दिवस hard Frost मध्ये भाज्या जागल्या हे खूपच. उन्हे वर आल्यावर काल एक बागेत चक्कर टाकली आणि १ cup भरून Brocolli ची फुले वेचून आणली, हाच २०१३ चा पहिला harvest.


New year, new beginnings…
As you can see this blog is going bilingual. I shall try to write here and there in – Marathi as well English. Even though it will not be word to word translation, essence of this blog remains.

I am back to Seattle after a short 10 day visit to Mumbai. While Mumbai was cold, freezing temperatures welcomed me back home. Seattle is unseasonably sunny and cold with freezing temperatures and rampant frost. Plants are frozen at night, perking with sunshine during the day only to go back to freeze in the night. Temperature is ranging 24 to 36 for last 10 days or so.. While sun was out yesterday, I picked few broccoli florets. This is my first real harvest of the year.


I have not yet started planning my 2013 garden yet, I have big plans of re-building raised beds and ordering good quality soil for this year, we’ll see how that plans out. Over next few weeks, I’ll start wintersowing some of the seeds, from my past experience beets and chard can be winter-sown, it germinates very early in the spring.

Happy Gardening and Happy new year 2013!