2013 Planting Dates

Here is planting calendar for 2013 so far. I direct seed or transplant, I very rarely start seedlings inside.


Produce Type Sown(s)/ Transplant (T) Harvest Comments
Garlic greens grocery store 13 Mar
Chard rainbow chard 18 Mar (T)
Peas, shelling alaska 18 Mar
saved seed, unknown 18 Mar
Lettuce frilly 28 Mar
buttercrunch 25 Mar
Peas, snow sugar anne 30 Mar
Carrots rainbow blend 31 Mar
Onion evergreen bunching 25 Mar
Eggplant black beauty 31 Mar
Fenugreek grocery store 2 Apr
Potatoes red, grocery store 30 Mar
Beets Detroit dark red 3 Apr
Spinach bloomsdale long standing 3 Apr
Kale blue curled scotch 7 Apr
lacinto 11 Apr (T)
Pak choi pak choi bonsai hybrid 7 Apr

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