October Garden Tour

Albeit a little frosty in mornings, summer like weather continues. Forecast tell that it may go on till middle of October. Here is small tour of fall garden

Muncher cucumbers are happy and growing. I did not train them upwards this year, I just got lazy.  I’m happy to see that they don’t mind crawling and producing. These have come from cheap American Seeds packets purchased at local Walgreens. So far, I have picked about 10-12 of these, much of it enjoyed as Kakadi – Tomato koshimbir.

boken tomato

Two of tomato plants – Sweet 100 and Early Girl.
I bought these from local Rite Aid clearance mid-summer. While planting sweet 100 I accidently snapped the whole plant at root line, I knew I lost it but took a chance and planted it deep. Somewhere I had read that, tomato plants will produce roots if they are planted deep. Miraculously this tomato plant lived and producing. I did dig up out of curiosity and indeed I saw root branches right out of stem just above where it had snapped.



Brassica Bed – Cauliflower, cabbages along with few tomato plants – San Marzano, Jersey, Early Girl and one cherry type.


Beaverlodge Tomatoes – these are only tomato type I am growing from seed.


Green Sorrel – loving this weather!

Purple Kohlrabi





Green flowing vegetable beds along the back of the house.



Happy Gardening!!