Harvest Monday: 10/8

Hard to believe it’s October weather wise, warm sunny trend continues. But this trend is going to change very soon, thinking that weather might turn and I won’t be able to spend much time in garden – I decided to invest some time to thin some spring veggies. Yes, you heard right – Spring. Broccoli, Sorrel (if it overwinters), Beets and Chard will go dormant in harsh of the weather but will start to re-grow if temperatures warm in late winter/early spring. I thinned Chard, Broccoli.  Got some beet seeds and set to dry them. Although I do not have cloche (yet), some the chard will be harvested towards end of fall.



This week, picked sorrel (again?) and shared with friends.




Also harvested first ever purple kohlrabi. (Looking for recipe ideas, please share), tomato assortment and green/wax beans.


Couple days later, I brought in some fenugreek and radish pods.



Happy Gardening!!