Peanut Butter Tree in bloom

Oh I love love Peanut Butter Tree in my yard. It is so quite unique in all the flowering shrubs around.

peanut butter tree

In Spring – It stays bare for the longest time, very late to get leaves. It strikes out leafless against neighboring faux cherry tree with its ice cream pink blossoms.

peanutbutter tree

In Summer – Leaves send out peanut buttery aroma every time someone passes by. Jasmine like flowers appear later summer in September. Smell is divine.

In Fall –  pink blue pearls of fruits make a very ornamental appearance.

This plant re-seeds itself readily. Every year I find 5-6 saplings in spring growing close to this tree. I have a small one growing ( and even flowering) that I didn’t uproot. It has grown to 2 ft already. It’s not in an ideal location,  I’ll check with a friend who wanted this plant.

More of the Peanut Butter Tree here –

Happy Gardening!


One thought on “Peanut Butter Tree in bloom

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