How to Save Chive Seeds

I have a small Chives patch growing in 2 places in my backyard. I grew fond of this versatile herb over last few years. I have been using it to garnish, flavor many recipes.  Chives are usually very first thing that produce in any season, it is cut and re-grow, so keeps producing till frost nips it. Chives is handy herb, it is perennial and starts growing around February March here in NW. Chives are first sign of growing season and usually is first harvest of every season for me.

Chives start growing in February, flower during April and dry out with summer heat in June July.
This year I am trying to save seeds for many seeds, Chives are one of them. Here is photo journey of saving Chive Seeds.

Chives starting to grow in early Spring.

Chives Blossom in purple-pink in spring (and throughout summer if cut-regrow).  Above picture is of chives in bloom.

These flowers fade to pale brown and start to dry out.

Wait till stem of the flower starts to turn brown.  If stem looks green like above picture, seeds are not completely dry. Below picture has dried flower with seeds. Don’t wait much longer as these seeds will start to disperse by wind soon.

Dried flower has green-brown stem and black seeds are showing. Cut the stems and rub the flowers to retrieve seeds.

Store in dry place.

Happy Gardening!


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