Sweet and Tart, Huckleberries are darn tasty. It is August in Washington State and if you are a hiker like me then you know it’s that time!! It is time that wild berries start to plump up and ripen.
Huckleberries are abundant on ridges, slopes and along the hike trails. I am particularly finding Red Huckleberries in plenty.

Last weekend I hiked on weekends – Saturday took me to Talus loop on big Mount Si and Sunday to the usual Poo Poo Point on Tiger Mountain. Both hikes had plentiful berries along the paths. We feasted on the Red Huckleberries, it was so much fun. We had kids with us on the Poo Poo Point and it was amazing experience teaching kids about edible vs Non-edible berries, identifying Red Huckleberries. Kids and their parents had so much fun enjoying this sweet tart juicy berries. I can’t wait for it to ripen up more in my future hikes.

Out of curiosity, I looked up its botanical name. Vaccinium parvifolium.

Pardon my camera, here’s best picture of huckleberry plant. Look for plant with smallish round-oval leaves, no thorns and red berries. These will turn purple-blue when ripe. People/birds/bears scoop it up when red, I am yet to taste ripe blue-purple berry, I guess I have to go deep off hiking trail for this…

After feasting on multiple handfuls, this is what I brought home.

There are so many edible berries in our mountains of Pacific NW. I’ll take some pictures and write up more in coming weeks.

This is view of Eastside of Seattle, Lake Sammamish from atop Poo Poo Point. (and yes, this is Summer, in July here. Now you know all the complaining about weather)

More Pictures from Talus Loop on Big Mount Si.