Harvest Monday: 7/16/2012 berry week

Big space in my backyard is for berries. Side yard has big strawberry patch which is in full production mode right now.  Raspberry is crowding in the space by the fence.  It might seem like all I post is berry harvest but it’s been that way for past weeks and may continue for 1-2 more.

On Sunday, we picked strawberries and raspberries.  It was a huge harvest, photo above is what lest after snacking, sharing with visitor and neighbor.

Few more berries were ripe on Monday.

I had not picked peas for some time, pea vines are slowly drying. Even though I am growing shelling peas, I like to eat the whole pods for snack. I don’t wait till it all swells up, I am picking peas when they are smaller. Thankfully variety I am growing isn’t fibrous, I am able to eat whole thing.  Tuesday I picked basket full of peas and again strawberries.

I made Pasta Salad for potluck event on Friday; quick run to backyard gave me few young pea pods and chives. All went into Pasta Salad.

To round up the week, we picked raspberries and Strawberries. Of course, we are not able to consume all the berries.  Most of it is going into the freezer.

Raspberries: (194) unknown variety, plants shared by friend 3 years back
Strawberries: (147) 2 varieties, unknown
Blueberries: (12) 2 smaller plants
Peas: (72) Alaska Bush type, Ed Hume seeds. Planted April 7, harvested June 27
Chives:  1 bunch.

Happy Gardening!!


6 thoughts on “Harvest Monday: 7/16/2012 berry week

  1. Beautiful berry harvests! Our strawberries have been providing a steady but fairly small harvest but our raspberry patch is poised to give us a big harvest of berries. Been getting the first few over the past few days but I expect to start pulling in harvests more in line with your big berry harvests this week. Looking forward to it as I need to do some jam this year and raspberry jam is pretty fine!

    1. Hi Laura – Good to see your comment. You are inspiration to small timers like me. Hope your berry harvest is bountiful.

    1. Hi Rick – yes I agree. raspberries come in abundance and then I have to wait for another year for it. Too many Raspberries overwhelm me at first but it’s a good thing to stock up in freezer too. Hope you’ll get a good harvest from Raspberries.

    1. I agree – there’s no such thing as too many Raspberries. 🙂 considering this is July only crop and it is time to fill up freezer.

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