Harvest Monday: 7/2/2012 – Peas and Berries

Call it a fluke or call it a summer, SUN finally came out in Pacific Northwest. We welcomed its rare appearance here.   Sammamish farmers market was in full and crowded last Wednesday; fruits from Yakima Valley are rolling in – Cherries and Apricots along with early squash, peas, and cabbages. Tomatoes and warm weather fruits are yet to make an appearance. 2 days of preview summer was quick over and it turned overcast/rainy and cold again over the weekend. Hope 4thJuly makes official start to PW summer.

We went out to the garden and were able to pull peas, radishes and berries.

Peas: (52)  Alaska Bush type, Ed Hume seeds. Planted April 7, harvested June 27
Radishes: (2) French Breakfast, Ed Hume seeds, Planted May 13, harvested June 27
Raspberries: (54) unknown variety, plants shared by friend 3 years back
Strawberries: (34) 2 varieties, unknown

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6 thoughts on “Harvest Monday: 7/2/2012 – Peas and Berries

  1. Very nice harvest. I’m jealous of the raspberries we won’t see any raspberries until late August or September.

    1. yes, raspberries keep on coming for July. Why is it late August for you ? Where (geographically) do you grow them?

    1. Indeed, summer arrived on July 4th. It has been quite warm, sometimes sunny or muggy but I am not complaining. I don’t have any peppers this year, big mistake on my part. Hope your tomatoes are ripening soon.

    1. Thank you for kind words. Summer here in NW has just started and I hoping for more ripe fruits soon.

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