June 2012 in Summary

Here are few garden notes for month of June: Overall June month in Seattle area was very gloomy.  Brilliant sunny April and May gave us some hope of better summer; June is making up for lost rain. So this gives good opportunity to transplant/ seed and not worrying about watering the garden. I haven’t watered my garden at all this year. I can see this as one benefit of living in this area.

Temperatures range for June in Sammamish:
Average High 65F  (Historical Avg High 70F)
Avergae Low  50F  (Historical Avg High 52F)
2.83 in Rain (Avg 1.57 in)

Okay, so we are running colder and soggier this June.

Seeds sown:

Spring Onion
Broccoli (low germination)
Green Beans
Yellow wax beans
Icicle Radish, Red Radish
Summer Squash
Parsley (did not germinate)
Watermelon (did not germinate)

Planting Out:

Winter Squash – Buttercup
Purple kohlrabi
Brandywine Tomatos
Green Sorrel

Harvest Tally for June:
I am really lazy this year about tallying and weighing the harvest. I am enjoying more though. Before I was always paranoid about getting a photo of harvest before popping into the mouth, now that I have stopped worrying about harvest totals and yield, I am able to enjoy more.

But again, in June we harvested bunch of methi, bunch of sorrel(ambat chukka), few radishes, strawberries and raspberries.