June 2012 in Summary

Here are few garden notes for month of June: Overall June month in Seattle area was very gloomy.  Brilliant sunny April and May gave us some hope of better summer; June is making up for lost rain. So this gives good opportunity to transplant/ seed and not worrying about watering the garden. I haven’t watered my garden at all this year. I can see this as one benefit of living in this area.

Temperatures range for June in Sammamish:
Average High 65F  (Historical Avg High 70F)
Avergae Low  50F  (Historical Avg High 52F)
2.83 in Rain (Avg 1.57 in)

Okay, so we are running colder and soggier this June.

Seeds sown:

Spring Onion
Broccoli (low germination)
Green Beans
Yellow wax beans
Icicle Radish, Red Radish
Summer Squash
Parsley (did not germinate)
Watermelon (did not germinate)

Planting Out:

Winter Squash – Buttercup
Purple kohlrabi
Brandywine Tomatos
Green Sorrel

Harvest Tally for June:
I am really lazy this year about tallying and weighing the harvest. I am enjoying more though. Before I was always paranoid about getting a photo of harvest before popping into the mouth, now that I have stopped worrying about harvest totals and yield, I am able to enjoy more.

But again, in June we harvested bunch of methi, bunch of sorrel(ambat chukka), few radishes, strawberries and raspberries.


Harvest Monday: 6/25/2012 First Fruits

Summer is here, hardly feels like it. Fruits berries and veggie patch is looking fuller and greener day by day. Constant rain in May June has only advantage – NO watering. I am yet to water veggie patch or even front lawn for this year. Occasional sun and constant rain is a little boon for cool loving vegetables. Methi, Sorrel, peas and cabbage are thriving.

First Strawberries were picked this week, just 2 on Tuesday, they were yummy.

Few more days, and first raspberries were ripe

I picked a lone swelled French Breakfast Radish, made it into carrots-radish-onion koshimbir.

On Sunday, I picked small bunch of fenugreek Methi. It wasn’t growing much as I planted it in wrong container. I also picked outer leaves of French Sorrel (Ambat Chuka), gave me enough to make methi-chuka bhaji for one meal. Few snap peas, snips of chives and few more berries rounded a nice Sunday harvest.

Harvest Summary for week
Strawberries: (2)
Raspberries: (3)
Radish: (2) French Breakfast, Ed Hume seeds, Planted May 13, harvest on June 19
Chives: few snips
Peas: (7) Alaska Bush type, Ed Hume seeds. Planted April 7, harvested June 23
Green Sorrel (1 bunch):
Fenugreek (1 small bunch)
Happy Gardening!

June Garden Tour on First day of Summer

June 21st marks first day of summer. Seattle area saw temperatures in 70s after many days (or weeks) of June gloom. There were so many good sunny days in April/May I almost did not expect June to be so overcast. But it was for first 3 weeks.

On first day of summer, here is small tour of the garden.

Various Containers:

A good friend has shared Mint cuttings with me last week, I have established it in a small container. Hopefully it will live.

Shoebox container with onion seeds just emerging.

 Bed 1:

Alaska type peas are forming; these will give a good harvest beginning next week.

Dill has emerged:)

Green Sorrel is just forming. I am hoping that these establish in this location. Looking forward to summer long of Chukka bhaji.

And finally, all above in one single shot. Clockwise – Wax bean seedlings, Green sorrel, Dill and peas on left of the photo.

Bed 2:

Here are Bright lights Chard and Purple Kohlrabi seedlings.  In the right corner of picture, young Methi seedlings have emerged.

One single shot of bed 2 – from clockwise: new seed planting of beans, fenugreek methi, overwintered beets that are bolting, I am hoping to collect seeds. And lastly 2 puny tomato seedlings which I am hoping to speed with homemade milk jar reenhouses.

Bed 5:

I have transplanted 4-5 small seedlings of winter squash (Buttercup) in the neglected space of my garden. This soil is not amended and I fear these plants are not going to be as vigorous as otherwise. I’ll wait and see.

French Breakfast radishes are bulbing up.

Apart from this, I have 3 volunteer potato plants growing up. These came up from missed tubers from last years. I am not complaining.
A local drugstore sells seedlings, I am watching closely till they slash prices of the seedling trays to 50 cents. I never tried buying such sale seedlings, shall try this year. let’ see what grows form it.