Harvest Monday 7/18/2011

DSC_0487 (2)DSC_0486 (2)

This week’s harvest has little green mixed in with red. I am glad to get some greens to make use in daily dinners. We picked many raspberries, 505 to be exact and yes, I counted. That’s almost 6 lbs there. Few days back, picked strawberries and more raspberries. Since we are not munching on those so much lately, I washed and froze the berries.  Snap peas wee promptly eaten raw by kids. Fenugreek was used to make methi-daal. Also harvested was 1 single potato from the volunteer plant.
Raspberries – #600 (7 lbs) Strawberries – #65 Peas (Tacoma alifa) – #22 Fenugreek (methi) – 2 bunches Potato – #1