Harvest Monday 7/25/2011


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Last of the strawberries were picked this week. We managed to get about 120 or so from the last pick, there were so many still left on the vines but got slug damage. I did not pick berries with evident slug bites. I am happy with this year’s strawberry pick, plan to deter slugs from berries was successful. So with few still on vine (left for slugs to enjoy) strawberry for 2011 is done, managed to get about 230 fruits ( about 5 lbs.) I am happy to see harvests of some real greens since last 2 weeks, picked 3 bunches of Methi from spring sowing. I used greens to make lovely Methi Malai Muttor with basmati Rice. Yum. I can’t wait till next Methi is ready to use. I also picked chard and spinach. I was surprised to see chard growing in spring, from seeds sown last year. Since it was growing in place where I intended to plant Peas, I transplanted it to container. Big mistake, Chard did not like being transplanted and it refused to show vigor. For next year, I’ll be wintersowing chard as it comes up in Spring by its own. I am too impatient and I dug up 2 potato plants, one was sown and other was volunteer on last year’s spot. There were 6 small tubers, not bad. Raspberries continue to ripen, picked about 300 last week. We snacked on few and froze few. Now I have 2 bags (gallon size, filled about half) full of berries in freezer, Strawberries and Raspberries.

Linking to Daphne’s dandelions, where gardeners worldwide showcase their harvests. Gardeners from East are showing off their tomatoes while we in Northwest worry if we can even get a ripe tomato this year.



Harvest Monday 7/18/2011

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This week’s harvest has little green mixed in with red. I am glad to get some greens to make use in daily dinners. We picked many raspberries, 505 to be exact and yes, I counted. That’s almost 6 lbs there. Few days back, picked strawberries and more raspberries. Since we are not munching on those so much lately, I washed and froze the berries.  Snap peas wee promptly eaten raw by kids. Fenugreek was used to make methi-daal. Also harvested was 1 single potato from the volunteer plant.
Raspberries – #600 (7 lbs) Strawberries – #65 Peas (Tacoma alifa) – #22 Fenugreek (methi) – 2 bunches Potato – #1

Cold Garden

I am cold, my kids are cold, tomatoes are cold, even compost pile is getting cold.. in July. I am out wearing a polar fleece today. Summer is absent and Cliff Mass says it’s going to be absent for another couple weeks.  There’s persistent cloud cover that won’t budge, light is so dim we have to put indoor light on at 4pm. Only good news is I haven’t watered lawn at all this year, not even single time. Now who wants to trade spots with this part of the country? I don’t think peppers are going to survive this year, CVG doesn’t think either. Here’s walkthrough of garden – it’s cold and soggy.

DSC_0497Lettuce: (Black Seeded Simpson) in container. Seeds are from local ACE hardware shop. Sown on 14 June.


Bush Beans: (contender and blue lake bush). Seeds are from trusted Ed Hume, sown on 12 June and 26 June. Last year’s beans were bountiful, I am growing them on same spot this year.

DSC_0495Peppers: (Nu Mex Joe Parker, Italia Sweet and Thai Orange) all of the pepper plants are bought from local Home Depot. Joe parker is getting big, ready to be harvested next week. Thai peppers are suffering from cold, yet to flower. Italia variety have 2-3 tiny peppers. Nothing looks promising in this cold. Heat loving plants like pepper and eggplant are definitely not loving this weather.






Summer Squash aka Zucchini: (Black and Yellow) I sown 2 types, I don’t know which seedling is which, I lost track of what I sown. I guess I’ll find out in a month. Last year I was looking at zuk blossoms by this time, not sure what’s in store this year. Seeds come from Ferry Morse and Ed Hume. Sown on 13th June.







DSC_0490Tomatoes: (Black Plum, Chocolate Cherry, Yellow Pear and Roma). Look at my tomatoes, they look pitiful. Can you even spot 5 tomato plants here? Errr…. tomatoes are hating hating hating this weather, they are hardly growing, blossoms are falling off in cool, not setting any tomatoes. I have least expectations from Black plum but cherry types should set tiny fruits (usually I have seen cherry types setting fruit even in cooler weather.


Mix of all – Clockwise from top – Snap Peas (Super Sugar Ann) , Chavali Beans (Asparagus Beans), Cabbage (pinetree early cabbage), Beans (Yellow was). This bed is mix of all – mix in weeds too. Plan is to harvest peas first, beans will get good space to grow, cabbage will be transplanted to peas space then.







Methi, fenugreek in back and Beets in front. Fenugreek seeds are from local Indian store. Beets are early wonder. Methi will be ready as early as next week.


Cucumber (Mucher): Cucumbers are growing very SLOW. It’s been 2 months and these aren’t even second leaf stage. Heat is absent and cukes are not liking it. I won’t even bother putting in trellis for another couple weeks.

Harvest Monday 7/11/2011

Last week’s harvest is mostly fruits and berries. Last few days of heat – 2 days above 80 and 4 days above 70 (Yeah, that’s what we call summer in Seattle) helped berries and fruits ripe. For 2 years I have lost cherries to crows, strawberries to slugs and raspberries to chickadee. This year I have been planning around saving a few for myself : ) I sprinkled generous amount of Sluggo every week for last 3-4 weeks near strawberry beds and slugs hiding spots. I noticeably saw slug population go down, I even found many dead slugs under rock slab, containers.
Harvested 132 Raspberries, 73 Strawberries and 265 cherries. That’s 3 lbs of cherries and strawberries each. Along with that there were 18-20 shell peas which kids munched on before photo opportunity.
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