Fruits of the Future

Trees and vines are showing hope, I can’t wait to test the sweet juicy plump fruits and berries.
June showers are promising bumper plump strawberries. Only if I can get to ripe ones faster than slugs. Eeeek. Like last year, I have a perfect plan to save strawberries. Let’s see how this battle plays out…


Blueberries – I got 2 plants, these berries need 2 plants to help with pollination. One plant has few berries, other is not filled yet.


Northwest Bing cherries – Black crows are as impatient as me. I am getting ready with arsenal to fight it out. Here comes CDs, flash tapes, my grandma’s old saree.


Raspberries: I can’t believe how much raspberries have spread. Can you believe these were just 3 small canes couple years back? Raspberries are against back fence on rock wall.