“There are very few things to harvest this year, it seems so strange” I told my husband. He responded with YES. “I haven’t seen you much in backyard all spring long” He said.

So it dawned on me, To get Summer harvest, I have to kick start in Spring get soil prepping, sowing in Spring. Hmm. What was I doing all spring long? Well, life happened and things were just too busy. Not anymore.

All hope is not lost. Now I get it. To get Fall harvest, I have to start planting fall garden NOW.

Fruits of the Future

Trees and vines are showing hope, I can’t wait to test the sweet juicy plump fruits and berries.
June showers are promising bumper plump strawberries. Only if I can get to ripe ones faster than slugs. Eeeek. Like last year, I have a perfect plan to save strawberries. Let’s see how this battle plays out…


Blueberries – I got 2 plants, these berries need 2 plants to help with pollination. One plant has few berries, other is not filled yet.


Northwest Bing cherries – Black crows are as impatient as me. I am getting ready with arsenal to fight it out. Here comes CDs, flash tapes, my grandma’s old saree.


Raspberries: I can’t believe how much raspberries have spread. Can you believe these were just 3 small canes couple years back? Raspberries are against back fence on rock wall.



Seedling Hopes

Summer has started officially on June 21st 1:46PM, it hardly feels like it. In pacific Northwest, summer usually arrives after July 4th, it’s a magic date – Cold and rain sort of disappears for few weeks. It’s so sad that we have to count summer in weeks rather than months. Summer in Seattle – it never gets too hot, reaches 90 for couple days then back to 60s, Summer in Seattle is just like extended Spring – we just call it Summer.

Oh well, this year I fell back on planning and planting, starting seedlings. It just sorta got pushed on to backburner. My garden is in sad state right now, lack of sunlight is not helping anything either.


Cucumber, Early Jalapeno and Basil seedlings

















DSC_0338 (2)Shoebox containers with Shell Peas (Afila type bush peas), Broccoli Raab











DSC_0337 (2)



Box 2 has methi, beets and onion seedlings. Only Methi has emerged so far. Lone butternut squash seedling shares space with other greens.


Summer in Seattle

Space Needle Rainier
Space Needle Rainier

Summer in Seattle has not arrived yet. Well, we got few sunny days but last 2 days were so dull and damp. Fremont solstice parade saw many umbrellas and rain coats, lack of sundresses and shorts. Hoping for good weather ahead, at-least 6-8 weeks of warm growing season. Let’s keep hoping. This Picture if taken from Kerry Point in Seattle. Looking at Space needle, downtown buildings and majestic Mount Rainier at distance.