How to Series: Spring seed sowing part 1 – Lettuce, Spinach and Radishes

Now that I got vegetable planting calendar ready for year 2011, here are basic things I am going to follow for spring vegetable garden. Weather is amazing nice in NW, sun is out, days are getting longer and warmer. This is great time to seed, but weather can turn unpredictable and we can end up with snow in April or May. I have decided to sow all my spring vegetables in container or under cover.

Lettuce Seedling
Lettuce Seedlings emerging – April 2010

Raised Bed
Lettuce from last year’s garden (LEFTmost row)

– Lettuce : (40-50 Days in Spring)
Sow seeds in Late February (harvest micro greens/baby leaves in late March).
Sow again in mid-March for second spring crop (harvest by mid –late April)

Sow seeds in late February, preferable in container, so if weather turns freezing, container can be covered or brought inside. I have already seen lettuce seedling in my neighbors front yard, her lettuce bolted last year and seeds were scattered all over her front yard. Lettuce does not tolerate frost, it has to be protected in winter weather. Growth is limited due to limited sunlight this time of the year but micro-greens or baby leaves can be harvested as early as 3rd week of March. To maximize output, sow lettuce where maximum sunlight is obtained (southwest side of your garden).



Spinach growing in container – April 2010

– Spinach : (60-70 Days in Spring)
Sow seeds in Late February (harvest by mid-late May)
Sow seeds in mid-March for second spring crop (harvest by mid-late May)

Sow seeds in late February, in container OR direct seed in raised bed. Spinach is semi frost tolerant so be prepared to cover your raised bed in case of freezing temps/snow. Container sown Spinach can be brought inside in case of freeze. Spinach is cool weather crop so expect it to thrive in late March. February and March sown seeds are harvested around same time in mid-late May(March sown Spinach grows faster due to warm weather and better sunlight). As always, plant early crops where better sunlight is sought.


Cherry Belle Radish emerging from soggy grounds – May 2010

– Radish: (45 Days in Spring)
Sow in container late March/early April (harvest by Mid May)

Sow seeds in late March. I like to do first planting in container till frost danger is passed. And also slugs LOVE radish, since slugs are prolific in spring, I like to control slug damage by sprinkling sluggo/oatmeal/copper wire around containers. Radish are cool weather crop.

Contd…. (next to come: Green Onion, Broccoli and Peas)


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  1. Hi,

    Your garden looks lovely! I am growing fenugreek for the first time (for that matter my first garden exp). I sprouted and planted them 10 days back. Now I see that the leaves are slightly wrinkled more like creases. But the plant has grown very well and really dense. I like in hot weather and its mostly 90s now. I am not sure whats wrong and When can I start using this methi? Online says 30 – 35 days, but I if the creases persist, I dont know if my methi will stay that long.

    Any help is suggestion is welcome!


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