Week so far… Picking, harvesting a lot

Summer is gone fast, there’s chill in the air – we are falling into fall/winter slowly. That translates into more harvests and picking many last of the garden goodies.

So far this week, We have been harvesting  a lot – squash, cherry tomatoes (sweet 100 variety), Jalapeno, green beans, shelling peas, cucumbers, fenugreek and dill. Here are some photos….

DSC_0047 (2) 

(above) – Methi (Fenugreek)


(above) – Methi and Shepu (Fenugreek and Dill), both used as greens


(Above) in colander: Chard ‘bright lights’. in plate 1:  sweet 100 tomatoes, green and wax beans. in plate 2: Agatha tomatoes, 1 black krim, peas, cucumbers and yellow squash.
(Photo captured with phone)


6 thoughts on “Week so far… Picking, harvesting a lot

  1. Hi Fenugreeklove,

    Nice pictures and great efforts on the growing the veggies. I stay in NW area too and was looking for some good veggies that can be grown during Winter. Can you let me know what veggies are you planning for Winter? Can fenugreek grow in winter too? If yes, it will be great if you can let me know how to plant them, which soil, fertilizers are necesaary. I am early bird in gardening and would really love to start learning about growing your own veggies.

  2. Its kinda sad that summer is gone. the picture of fresh veggies is a real treat. Cucumbers look very much like the european ones that I grew. Variety name?
    I would like to try growing sweet 100 sometime.

    Happy winter gardening!

  3. That’s a good harvest! I like the fenugreek. Haven’t tried growing it yet. I see you have swiss chard. You could grow more in the cooler weather now. It’s sad we had a long spring and a brief summer for the veggies. I hope next year we have a longer summer!

  4. Great garden! My zone is coastal Texas (Houston). I also love gardening and tried my hand at Indian vegetables this year. I grew chikkudai (hasn’t produced yet), karakai, snake gourd and tindoora. About to start planting my fall garden. Have fun gardening!

  5. Seeing your harvest, I am absolutely seething with envy. I just started to plant edibles recently and they are all in pots, due to limitation of space. I wish one day I could harvest as much vegies from my garden as yours. That’d be lovely! I can’t wait for that day to arrive.

    Btw, I am from the tropical country of Malaysia. We don’t have 4 seasons. It’s summer throughout the year. Our weather is divided into 2 types ~ sunny & rainy. Sometimes it can get as hot as 37C. However, it’s a weather that allows us to grow edible plants throughout the year.

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