Week so far… Picking, harvesting a lot

Summer is gone fast, there’s chill in the air – we are falling into fall/winter slowly. That translates into more harvests and picking many last of the garden goodies.

So far this week, We have been harvesting  a lot – squash, cherry tomatoes (sweet 100 variety), Jalapeno, green beans, shelling peas, cucumbers, fenugreek and dill. Here are some photos….

DSC_0047 (2) 

(above) – Methi (Fenugreek)


(above) – Methi and Shepu (Fenugreek and Dill), both used as greens


(Above) in colander: Chard ‘bright lights’. in plate 1:  sweet 100 tomatoes, green and wax beans. in plate 2: Agatha tomatoes, 1 black krim, peas, cucumbers and yellow squash.
(Photo captured with phone)


Ambat Chuka = Green Sorrel

  DSC_0039 (2)

Ambat Chuka has a special place in Marathi Cuisine. Little I know that we can grow Ambat Chuka here, well sorrel thrives in Pac NW conditions. It grows well in spring and thrives in summer, I hope it continues to produce in coming fall. It’s got tangy, sour taste which come all together when cooked with daal – my favorite. We harvested big bunch of sorrel this weekend and made into Ambat Chuka Bhaji (no photos) – It’s almost been 10 years since I last tasted it. Happy.

Green Sorrel has many names :
  English – Green Sorrel, Garden Sorrel
  Marathi – Ambat Chuka
  Hindi – Khatti Palak
  Telugu – Chukka Kura

Ambat Chuka goes onto my list of things to grow next year!