Tomato Time…here now, gone tomorrow

This is my very first year growing tomatoes, few are from seeds, few are store-bought plants and a few acquired. So far, I am able to get 10 ripe tomatoes ( 2 Beaverlodge, 8 Sweet 100), many more green ones are still on plants.
We got 3 beautiful days of summer last week but from today it’s all downhill. Big chilly air moved into Northwest and forecast says it’s going to stay. Temps climbing to upper 70s is almost a dream, that means there won’t be any more vine ripening of tomatoes for us. This has been my first year of growing tomatoes and it’s GREEN in color. (as in color of tomatoes so far.).
KitsapFG talks that same and advises to keep tomatoes in greenhouse or bring indoors to ripen. Really? I have to give up so soon? All I have so far is 10 ripe tomatoes …

(Above) Agatha Tomatoes – I got seeds from I started seeds in late April and transplanted out mid July (We got rains and cold all June). Very compact, determinate plant loaded with tomatoes.


DSC_0025DSC_0024 (2)

(Above – 2 photos) Brandywine Tomatoes – This is heirloom type indeterminate plant. I got it as a seedling in local swap. Plant got too big quite early with lots of bloom. Unfortunately all the blooms are not translating into tomato yet. We got ONLY ONE green tomato on plant (above) so far. This is supposed to be huge 1-2 pound tomato, pink in color with burst of flavor. I can’t wait …



(Above) Black Krim – This is supposed to be black Krim, seedling got mixed up. I hope it ripens and I’ll find out soon. Semi-determinate plant I think. if you think it’s not Black Krim, please help me identify.

This tomato originally from the Isle of Krim on the Black Sea in the former Soviet Union. This tomato yields slightly flattened dark-red, slightly maroon, beefsteak tomatoes with deep green shoulders. 



(Above) San Marzano Tomatoes – Started from seed, semi-determinate plants produce oval shaped fruits. These are supposed to be best for sauce and paste. This tomato originally comes from Italy.



(Above) Beaverlodge Tomato – Compact plant loaded with tomatoes. This is ultra early tomato which sets fruit and ripens in cold rainy weather. My plant has curled leaves – leafroll – due to excessive rain and improper drainage. I acquired this plant as part of local plant swap, it is first to give me ripe tomato. This tomato is bred at Canada and is earliest maturing tomato, best for cooler, foggy, rainy growing conditions (translate to Pacific NW).


(Above) Celebrity – Store bought, Indeterminate. This is a hybrid variety which is 1984 AAS winner. It is said to be mid-early variety with flavorful fruit. This plant was to set fruit very last from all store bought plants.



(Above) Lemon Boy – Store bought, Indeterminate. As Name suggests, this tomato ripens to yellow color. Appearance is of heirloom tomato but I am sure this one can be hybrid as plant did not suggest it was heirloom. I am curious to find out how it looks and tastes ripe…


(Above) Sweet 100 – Store Bought, Indeterminate. As name suggests there is over abundance of tomatoes on this 5 foot tall plant. It has given me 7 ripe sweet tomatoes so far.

I am also growing Kimberly tomatoes, these are from seeds shared by It’s supposed to be early tomato on small plant. Kimberly has frilly leaves and I am so much interested to see how fruits looks like. It has not set any fruits yet, party due to my mistake of starting it late. It is said to be early type with small fruit which ripen in cold weather, even in autumn. I am patiently waiting ….

Happy Growing!!


4 thoughts on “Tomato Time…here now, gone tomorrow

  1. Nice tomato collection you got there. Lemon boy looks awesome and so is San Marzano. Tried my best to grow ‘Des Andes’, another long variety of tomato, but in vain.

  2. Thank you GG for kind words. I am way more excited to taste the tomatoes myself 🙂 Small cherry tomatoes don’t even reach to me, they get gobbled up by kids right in garden. Our weather is turning cold and wet, you know how it is here in seattle. Hope they ripen it fast. I wonder why your attempts were in vain to grow ‘Des Andes’ tomatoes, HYD weather is perfect for tomatoes. am I wrong?

    1. I always admire people like you who garden with a very narrow window of optimum weather. There is so much planning and sticking to schedule. Delays are expensive.

      In one of the website, I read a tip. We can hang a ripe banana peel near the tomatoes on the plant and that hastens its ripening process. You might want to try it out.

      You are right on the weather part.BTW, I am staying in Bangalore where the weather is even more conducive for plants. My biggest problem here is getting good quality heirloom seeds. DesAndes! not a single one germinated. Sometimes I feel so bad. Though agriculture is the back bone of our country, very few varieties are seen.
      Hoping some day it will change.

      Continue to grow a lot of different varieties and post pictures. Love your blog.


  3. Great looking tomatoes! I didn’t know you were growing so many varieties. The only one from your list we are growing is Brandywine which is doing great. Next year we plan to grow more of these. They grow to a good size especially when you nip the suckers.

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