Summer Garden Tour

Tour of Fenugreek Love’s garden, this is how garden looks in early August.

Below is BED 1, growing from left to right – Lettuce, Turnips, last of bunching onions, French Breakfast Radish, Marigolds, baby Beets and Swiss ChardDSC_0016

Below is Bed 2, towards back are 4 tomato plants which are recovered from yellowing due to constant rain. I am growing tomato varieties – Celebrity, Tumbling Tom, Lemon Boy and Early Girl. All are store bought plants.  Towards the front are 3 Zucchini plants.


Container garden: Ornamentals, Muncher Cucumbers, Golden Oregano, Marigolds, Cosmos, Chicks&Hens,  Beaverlodge Tomato and 1 Ichiban Eggplant. 


BED 3: This sits in partly sunny space. From back to Front: Blue Lake bush beans – 2 types, 1 Jalapeno, 1 sweet pepper and few bell pepper plants. Front row is Cabbage. There’s also one tomato plant hiding somewhere – Kimberly.


Bed 4 is completely dedicated to fenugreek, I do succession planting and harvest here. Right now, I have planted Dill and fenugreek in back part (still yet to germinate), front methi is ready to harvest.


Below is my pea patch. Not much action here, it is completely under-utilized (well, I think that for every other bed too). Tacoma bush peas, few pole peas and trailing cucumber vines are planted here.



7 thoughts on “Summer Garden Tour

  1. You’ve got a lovely garden fenugreeklove! the bliss of planting veggies in the soil is definitely something to cherish 🙂 for folks like me, who live in apartments, containers are the only option…
    Happy gardening! looking fwd to more & more harvest pics 🙂

    1. @cosycocoon: I must say that you have most wonderful patio garden and collection of plants. I never even tried growing when I lived in small space. I reading your blog end-to-end and enjoying it. 🙂

  2. Hi,

    Iam very very happy to find your blog.Inspired by you,I am trying to make a small vegetable garden in my balcony.I just sowed the methi seeds in trays according to your instructions.Thanks very much.I am also planning for tomatoes,and potatoes.

    I have a small query.How you store the methi leaves and coriander leaves and mint?Can I store it in the freezer section or just in the vegetable tray of refrigerator?

    Deepthy Anoop

    1. @Deephty: Sorry for late reply. I usually store methi/mint/dill for 1-2 weeks in vegetable tray. Anything beyond that must be either dried or pureed to be stored. You can always make subzi or chutney that will keep good in freezer for extended time.

  3. Good to see the progress on the beds! I think you can fill in more garden soil/compost in your raised beds-more root depth for your plants.

    1. @UJ – you are right, few of my beds are sitting very low on earth. Next year, I’ll amend and add more soil to all beds.

  4. Hi,

    Your garden looks wonderful. How tall are your raised beds? I have been gardening the past 2 years in one raised bed in the bay area. Built one 4X4 this year which 18″ tall. Yours look shorter. Does it work good? Thanks,

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