Here’s My Cauliflower…

Uj showed his Cauliflower, I am showing him/her mine 🙂 Seeded back in early April, It never grew well, produced button heads. I tossed it in compost. What am I doing wrong?



2 thoughts on “Here’s My Cauliflower…

  1. Hi there, just discovered your blog whilst looking for info on growing Indian vegetables so have been reading through some of your old posts.

    I think your cauliflower has suffered some kind of stress that has made it flower before it had a chance to get big – usually this is caused by a lack of water or a sudden change in growing conditions (especially temperature). Cauliflowers prefer mild, even temperatures and reliable watering. If the weather suddenly gets hot or cold, or the soil dries out, or if they get too waterlogged, the head will not form properly. This can be a particular problem if planted in spring, when temperatures can suddenly get quite warm after a period of very cool & wet weather.

    If you can protect the plants from the cold, try sowing them much earlier – they don’t like to get too cold & wet, though, so only do this if you are sure you can offer adequate protection. If you sow them in spring, protect the plants from the cold at first, then protect from the heat when the weather warms up – if you are growing them in pots as shown in this picture that should be easy as you can just move them out of direct sunlight on warmer days.

    1. Hi Saskia – Thank you for your comment and explaination. You have a good point, last year we had variation of temprature. Weather was unuslly cold, rainy when seelings were out and that might have caused the shock. This year, I’ll protect with some covering and see what happens.

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