Weekly Update: July, week 4. How can another week go by so fast?

Finally summer has arrived in Seattle and it is staying, we are enjoying beautiful days. Temperatures are staying in 80s, it is just so perfect – not too hot and not too cold, loving it much! Nice weather to my family means lots of outdoor time, hiking, visiting places and that’s the reason garden work is getting neglected.

It’s been long since I have sown anything, my time is just so consumed with weeding and HARVESTING produce. Here are some pictures of my harvests over last 2-3 weeks.

I have not started fall planting yet. OMG – thought just gives me shivers and I exactly know what that means – no broccoli or Brussels sprouts for me this fall. I have to be better next year. I have to make commitment to start fall sowing at least till this weekend.

We have been harvesting and eating lots of berries and fruits from Garden. We picked about 70 Bing cherries, 140+ raspberries (oh so delicious!) and 70+ strawberries. YES! I have won war against slugs, this year I was able to eat strawberries. Thank you SLUGGO! We also employed tacky methods to stop crows from taking cherries before we could, that involved – hanging old napster turbo tax CDs, wind chimes, blackberry thorns and mom’s old saree. I wish I could show you photo (I lost it with camera crash) but you get the idea… Mainly harvests for last 2 weeks were fenugreek (methi), strawberries and random other veggies. Here are more photos of what we have been eating from garden.

We were talking potatoes last week here’s another one that I pulled.DSC_0040

Strawberries, 2 blueberries and bok choy (some slug damage) DSC_0011

More Methi and strawberries 


1 Salad head (Black Seeded Simpson), Turnips (Purple Top White) and few French Breakfast Radishes. Yes, Northwest can still produce radishes, we are not hot yet.


Lovely Chard and blueberries


More fenugreek and strawberries. I am making lots of methi thepalas these days 🙂



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  1. Very impressive work… Love your garden photos and have drawn a lot of inspiration by looking at them.. I live in Redmond.. would love to chat with you sometime.. can you pl. send me your email id if you don’t mind? ..

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