Potato growing experiment is a success! I planted out just 3 potato eyes to check if potatoes can really be grown where I live, turns out – Yes, we can!! From just one potato, I planted 3 eyes, already got 3 big one and 4 tiny taters. Second plant is yet to flower so I am waiting on digging it out. I am sure that next year I am set to double it πŸ™‚ New potatoes had very delicate skin, came out just by rubbing potatoes with hand. They were so yummy, I microwave baked them and sprinkled with rock salt. Potatoes just melted in mouth – no butter required here.

I read that potatoes should only be planted out in Spring, but can I plant them out now? Will they grow? Has anyone tried growing them in summer, maybe this is good new experiment for me.

Geekgardener posted a comment that I am missing my potato harvest photo. Yes, between my camera issues and phone losing all it’s data – I lost lots of photos, glad this one was safe in archive.



One thought on “Potatoes

  1. Totally agree with you on the delicate skin part. Partly because, I think we don’t leave potato in the ground for a few weeks even after the plant is cut for them to harden. I always run out of patience and start digging.

    Even if you were impatient, looking at the size of the potatoes, it is a good harvest.

    Sorry that you lost your pics. Do archive them in your PC or something. Our garden pics are so precious for us isn’t it? I am making arrangements to safegaurd mine.


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